Modular Soundtrack Improv: “Disquiet”

in dtube •  2 months ago  (edited)

A droning dystopian melody plods out of the E350 Mirohing Terrarium, its pitch occasionally ramped down in seasick fashion by a 12.5 percent probability gate on the Eloquencer. Plonk sends resonant bells to a closed filter, with a composite modulation opening and closing its frequency... Make Noise Rene afford color options and ample disonance, while the Death By Audio Reverberation Machine establishing an unsettling landscape for the tones to inhabit.

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:o cool

Thats some COOL music my friend. Great one. 👍☺️

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Wow. you shared little parts of your face.... lol... no biggie.... just saying.

i always find myself mesmerized watching your hands and the knobs and trying to make sense of the sounds and how little twists of the fingers could make that happen. i closed my eyes at the end. felt like waves and a lighthouse came into my mind. it some how felt like the bells... though i dont think light houses have bells.


One can only wear goofy goggles for so long in summer :) hands seems super fidget-y in this video.

Thanks for the kind words and impressions sir!!!!

This is amazing!!!

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