MODULAR ACROSS AMERICA! Ep 16: Dawn in Seattle, WA

in dtube •  2 months ago

Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle is one of the biggest events I play each year and when I discovered my room was on the 33rd floor with an inspiring view of Seattle, I set to work writing an ambient piece to accompany the sun rising in reflection across the skyline. Compared to the minimal techno pieces I've been writing lately, I couldn't help but feel at first like the Eloquencer sequencer was a bit of overkill ... I'm mostly relying on modulation to create the movement ... but it's ability to randomize whether a gate will fire opens up some really easy and interesting options when composing ambient music. I effectively wrote two passages and then duplicated them across eight slots in the sequencer, adding subtle variations and lots of variance in probability to get some much needed motion. The beautiful thing about a sequencer with lots of random generative power is that there are no hard and fast rules that "notes" need to be fed into melodic 1v/octave inputs. Here I'm using the Eloquencer in many ways as a second source of random modulation with a much more tightly defined range than the wild and wacky Make Noise Wogglebug.

Elsewhere, I'm using the crossfading/crossover capability of the Three Sisters filter to slide between the low drone and high plucked melody and feeding the entire two track master output of the mixer into Clouds to create the background wash. I'm leaning a little more heavily into my Valhalla reverb DSP in post for this one, as I was a bit gunshy on going "full clouds" ... and the alternative Parasites firmware I'm running definitely sacrifices a bit of lushness for utility. Love me some vintage verb though!

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Hi drumoperator,
AWESOME stuff bro - I Love what you do!
Wonderful music and that is indeed a very inspiring view - thanks for sharing.

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Thanks my dude and backatcha!

nice work as always. not sure if it was my internet or the high quality of the video image... thus making it still my shit internet...but i struggled playing it through. i slogged through half of it at 20 second clips and more buffering so got a good feel.

i see your always touring. you ever do any central american tours? Would be so cool to have you at the lake! in the high season we have hosted some pretty decent dj's. Bluetick, camionante, the human experience, dessert dwellers.
im friends with some folks here in guatemala that throw some decent size shows. if it was ever something you were interested in... id love to aide in linking you up for a little tour. Mi casa es su casa!


That's wild friend! Sorry I missed this and took forever to respond. I've toured europe, asia and extensively in the states and canada but never have i ever toured south america. I will -definitely- keep you in mind if something starts coming together. Right now my schedule is completely nuts for a minute!

Playback wise, Dtube is better some days than others. What can yah do ... I'm grateful to have a place to put stuff like this within the steemit ecosystem and feel like they are improving the quality of their service regularly. Still, it can be pretty frustrating when stuff won't buffer, especially music related content.


i normally just blame my internet here.... dtube has come a hell of a long way from when i uploaded my first vid september 2017.

and hell yeah. if the winds blow this way... you gotta a landing pad in Guatemala!

Oh man, I completely forgot you would be through Seattle for PAX. I would have made my way out there. Hope you enjoyed your time out here! Lovely piece.


Next time dude, for sure! Had an incredible time in Seattle ... definitely the best weather I've experienced there and the shows were popped off.



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well done bro nice video keep it up


thanks friend.