"TIME = FLAT CIRCLE" - Official Video 720p - (Live Multicam Synth/Drum Performance)

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Today I'm dropping a live performance (technically three concurrent live performances) of my new single, TIME = FLAT CIRCLE. What started as a series of menacing arpeggios quickly took shape after digging up one of my favorite clips of esteemed humanitarian, Rustin Cohle. I'm pretty happy with the drum capture I got, as I had put appreciable time into the drum tones tracking a session earlier in the day and wanted to snag a live take while the kit was polished up. I've wanted to do a multicam shoot like this, capturing myself laying down each part as live as possible, and I think it's my most cohesive piece I've offered yet on my Steemit music adventure. Bass was rocked onscreen, albeit awkwardly, as I've pretty much only played bass seated infront of my DAW. Hosting on the DTube this time, as I put an inordinate amount of time into trying to get the shots clean and the 720p does make a noticeable difference! I also wanted to feature their criminally underutilized goth-looking black on black logo that i've watermarked the top corner with. Cyborg approved.

For the synth heads: I took a break from hardware synthesis to get this more compositional piece down, writing and sequencing it with the Push 2 and Ableton driving the Expert Sleepers FH-1 midi-> cv converter. I did, however, still manage to work the Make Noise Rene and Trigger Riot sequencers into the patch. Ableton is sending clock o the sequencer array, and the Rene is doing a rad eight step pattern triggering specific modulations to the E352 techno super saw that comes out guns blazing when the drums enter. The Synthesis Technologies E352 is a INSANE BEAST. Every time I'm listen to half a track and am stuck on where to go with an overdub, a quick sweep of the wavetables / wavefolder / stacked oscillators on that thing and I'll find something totally unexpected. Other highlights include a bitcrushed beat i'm bringing in and out courtesy of the Doepher bitcrusher and SEM filter. The shhhhhhriek noises on the four panned hard left are courtesy the fabulously weird and inspiring Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas Percido ... which I am only just getting a handle on after a month or so with it in the fold.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 3.59.24 PM.png

I tucked a little Rhodes into the bridge. Nobody ever notices the poor Rhodes resting under all that modular, but it's very much still accessible and gets used constantly in the studio. Going to tuck a GoPro under there next time. Enjoy, and stay tuned for some deep dive modular explorations, most likely into ambient world after all this big beat electronica madness!

-A note on promotion: I'm about to blast this post into the heavens with some bots, using fiat I'd otherwise be shipping into Steemit regardless. I realize people have mixed opinions about this sort of practice, but I put the better part of four days into this video, and as somebody with two decades in the music industry, I am long since calloused to the concept of exposure = time + money. I have experimented with botting before, and have empirically come to the conclusion that it is a loss leader where we accept the reality of "trending" and exposure on Steemit, and pay ... both for access + exposure and, slightly more ideologically, to take something I've put serious sweat equity into and blast it past (some) spammy content taking up space. In an ideal world, obviously I'd love to not do this. Anybody thinking you turn a profit whatsoever on a bid bot exchange needs to give it a whirl. My last three engagements netted about a 30 percent loss on sbd invested vs. recoup in the end, even including the value of some upvotes I don't normally land. It's certainly not a profitable tactic. It is, however, a way to invest SBD I'm planning on shipping into Steem one way or another in this ridiculously buy-friendly market. I am simply choosing to take a 30 percent loss in exchange for me getting something I worked my ass off a bit more visibility and hopefully net some new followers for the kind of music content I'm trying to get out there.

Is this a viable strategy to defeating Trending Spam? I couldn't tell you. Despite my futuristic origins, I don't have all the answers. What I do have is a sweet multicam drum and synth (and bass!) video that you have arrived at, one way or another, and should watch now. Set the sample rate to "source" for 720p, as it will default to 480p.
Drumoperator out.

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Nice ..
We will follow your works, thanks for tips
For more creativity..


Thank you. I can't say I'm against more creativity. Infact, I too am fundamentally for more creativity.

I’m digging your set up. Gotta love the classic sound of the Rhodes. They definitely deserve a lot more love.


Thanks man! Been a seriously long road building it up. My Rhodes is in pretty great shape but they can be a legit time investment if you need them to be reliable in the studio. They are timeless though, sorta never out of style.

Top notch man. I would love one day to be able to record a song in your studio and have you produce it. Take care.


Mighty kind of you, and considering this is what I do for a living, totally possible. Hit me up on Discord, I'm on most of the music and video related servers!


You got the skills that pays the bills. I will do.

WOW! Just wow... That was on another level. Every part of that, phenomenal.

Amazing job.


Thanks james!

Wow insane, totally an earwig.

That was sweet! Sounded great & the drum performance was tight AF. Murderous arps too.

me gustan los sonidos y el aspecto gotico que transmite saludos..

Finally got a little time to listen to this today. Great work and I'm not exactly great with video editing but I can tell that you've really put the time and effort into making this video awesome and it really shows. Great work on the track as well especially. There were a couple of times where the kick from the modular clashed with the drums for me, but I think in a live setting I would have lost my shit listening to this. Honestly, there was this moment when the drums first came in that reminded me of classic Chemical Brothers which I loved and made me want the track to go full on rave.

Rambling. Love what you do man. You really make that Modular sing.


Absolutely insane performance. Would love to see you live some day.

Cheers man



My man. Steemit synth fam in the house!

First @DTube upvote, best @DTube upvote. Immense gratitude alarm going off. Thank yall!


Great Job man, I always liked to see these tools from near, I enjoyed watching how you are working with them and create that amazing music plus drums and bass!


Awww man thanks friend. Really over the moon that this video will get some exposure!!


If anyones videos deserve some dtube love it's yours, not only is the music great but the production of the video is fantastic too :D


Thanks Julia and thanks for so consistently supporting my channel!! I was pretty pumped to see their upvote, not going to lie. Feels validating. I still suck at video, but less so!

That was pure badass!!! I loved it!


Thanks so much! Really glad you found it!


Ya me too! I sent it to my drummer friend, he is going to love it too!

Sick man! You’ve come along way. That patch work looks pretty insane too lol.

Great job on putting it altogether. A nice drop live performance.

Btw, you put out a really great perspective on bots. If u think ur content is worth it and can bring value to the community, bots r the only way to promote that post. That will likely change in the future, or at least from how it all currently operates.

Ppl really need to investigate them further as there is so much uninformed bs going around lol.

Using them is a huge risk and bid bots do not make profits for those who use them. Only the creators/delegators make profits. bc of this, hopefully ppl will only use them to this degree to push ‘really good’ content to the t-pg (which has always sucked lol)

I don’t know if u saw @steembirds last 2 posts on our bid bot experiment...it might interest u ~ cheers

Edit: i Quoted ur remarks regarding bid bots in the comments section of the latest @steembirds post. I hope that’s cool. u hit some great relevent points!

If it’s an issue for whatever reason let me know n i will definitely remove it.


Totally ok and thanks so much for the kind words jay. I think we see pretty eye to eye on the use of bots as sorta par for the course vs. everything else in the music industry. I'm not excited or profiting from it, but the exposure it generated from this post cannot be disputed. I am -thrilled- with the response to something I put so much sweat equitity into, especially vs some of my earlier videos which had just as much (if not more ... learning final cut was a thing!!) time and effort put into them for minimal response. The fact is, if we really are at the dawn of a new crypto age, what matters is your following on the platform ... and as the currency itself shoots up, it's the following that you've put the legwork in to build that is going to make it a real revenue stream in, say ... a $20 steem world. At that point, I'm not going to care about losing 30 percent of my investment by channeling it through the bots. All that's going to matter is whether I convinced enough people that my channel is a viable part of the Steem ecosystem. Ya'll have clearly done that, ages before I even got on here, so it's extra nice to get some positive feedback from somebody who -gets- it. Keep truckin!


Ya mon!

Wooooow man, what an awesome tune, and that modular wall <3 <3 <3 well done man, keep it up!!


Thanks @terranoise, love your stuff too!

Such talent my friends, nice gear! And a great playing. So many cables but beautiful sounds. U have a new fan. Love the drum set


Thanks @marting. Really appreciate the kind words!

This is absolutely mental. Awesome Euroracks, your synthesis is incredibly amazing. You have just made a new fan dude. keep up the good work.

Awesome... This is sick man! Subscribed. By far the most complicated instrument I have ever seen.


It seems like an overwhelming amount of stuff, but in so many ways it's composed of different manufacturer's interpretations of the same thing. Once you understand how a filter or VCA works as part of a synth, you can pretty much grasp any filter or VCA. Etc.

I love Your setup..I have sent this post link to my drumer friend he loved this..


Thanks friend!

Damn thats good! You have to come to berlin my friend! :D



I've been a bunch of times with various bands and made my pilgrimage to SchneidersLaden (ultimate modular store + ultimate dudes running it) just about every time. Infact ... I started the entire modular journey four years ago the day after a Maserati show in Berlin where I had time to kill and visited for the first time. Half of my first rig came from that conversation, even.


AWESOME!!! You are invited to stay at my place you are the next time in Berlin or Barcelona!! I would love to see you live or record a session with you!! Where are you located my friend?

Excellent performance


Thank you for checking it out!!



Dude, I watch/listen this on repeat, no joke. May I use this as a soundtrack in a video? Oviously I would tag and link you and this video haha



Absolutely BRILLIANT!


Synth dominance engage!

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Whatttttt. Killer! Thanks @arcange!

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What a classic sound, want to hear more @drumoperator

Speechless, what a set up and performance... maybe one day will get something a little close to all this ....all hail the drumoperator \m/ love the kind of covered bankrobber, payday setup goes with the track perfectly....


Thanks dude! Just scoped your stuff and followed back! Killin it!

Hey buddy your body style is very different and your music said me get up and do dance


My body style ranges between "aged out athlete" and "DAW Jockey".

Oh wow, nice set up @drumoperator

If you really want something, you can do it. Dreams come true :)

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this is a good job, it is very difficult for them to do it. I want to save it and listen to beberapakali

Rhythms are frequencies. Last there are no other dings than frequencies. We are all electromagnetic frequencies :-), interacting electromagnetic clouds. Great!

Sir good work

Good morning friend, greetings from Venezuela, big smile of happiness. you are loved @manduto

This is pretty good

Excelent!!!! I am in shock

hermano cuanta destreza y habilidad. gracias por compartir

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