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Hello Everyone, and Welcome to DRisers

The story of DRisers is....

It all started with a delegation of 777 STEEM POWER from @nathanmars about 15 days ago and I promised him that I will utilize those SPs in a way that would benefit DTubers, especially the new ones and the entire Dtube community.

So I made a plan for making a small community where I will pick Dtubers who are consistent and provide quality content and the ones having great potential with those DTubers too, who are experienced and can guide us. For this purpose, I made a DISCORD server { https://discord.gg/RbSPyqK } and started to hunt for such dtubers.

Hence, DRisers was born. And with its the first week, I received a lot of responses from the members.

So today I made this separate STEEM account for DRisers.
In this account, I will be posting everything related to DRisers including updates, winners, announcements and more.


DRisers aims to build a community where the new DTubers
would be guided, good content creators would be encouraged with rewards (CURRENTLY 1 STEEM), suggestions to DTubers and to make the platform of DTube better till the extent we can.

WHAT DRisers DO?

} Watches each Dtube video sent to its DISCORD server
} Improvement points are commented on videos
} Organises weekly contests to encourage Dtubers with rewards
} Help & support available on DISCORD server (LINK IN DESC.)
} Invites various DTubers
So I hope you guys got a rough idea about DRisers and for more info. JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER OF DRisers [ https://discord.gg/RbSPyqK ]
I would like to thank @nathanmars for giving me this opportunity to get in touch with many DTubers and help them, as well as a bit of development to the DTube's community.

SOME OF THE DRisers I have Found-


And The Man Who Inspired ME- @nathanmars

Myself- @steemersayu907

Thanks For Watching

Keep DTubing
Keep Rising


▶️ DTube

It's a great preparation to be very much pleased with you. This video is my friend and I am joining your community and I want to learn more from you.

Great to hear that. You Are Most Welcome to our community.

Keep Rising,


Good luck with your journey my dear friend!

Please be little more open minded with your list. Make it more international and try to connect with Dtubers from different part of the world!

As always I love your Energy:)

Thanks man,

Indeed I'm trying to bring more people in, I am sending invites pesonally , on DISCORD , social media and more.

I'll keep giving my best that's my promise Nathan.

Thanks For Your Support which made me do whatever I'm doing these days. ;)

I Trust you !

Do it your way:)

Glad To Get Trusted By You..

Yeah, Keep Rising


Thanks for delegating for this and @drisers for starting this initiative. It's gonna be an exciting journey and I'm glad to be an early user being a part of this.

You’re most welcome!

@steemersayu907, Great to know that @nathanmars inspired you, but here i want to appreciate your work because, @nathanmars have shown his selfless and kind act but you've taken this opportunity and you've come up with an practical and effective initiative which is for sure an appreciable aspect.

So, keep up and if i am not wrong, I heard that you are youngest Dtuber, if so, i want to wish you an great future in this Economy and in life. And remember one thing, saying is easy but doing is hard, but you are doing so keep up.

Wishing you and whole @drisers team an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Hope I succeed in thing that I'm trying to do and if it is achieved it would benefit the whole DTube community.

Feeling blessed to get continuous support from experienced guys here.

Let's Do The Best We Can

Keep DTubing
Keep Rising

Good luck and stay blessed. 🙂

Yes, this is another great initiative for the biggest community of Dtube. Best wishes and I am always with this Drisers.

Thanks buddy,

Let's Rise Up Together...

Let's move for touch our dream.

I´m going to improve my videos to be able to join in this comunity :D

Sounds like a great idea!

Hopefully it would turn out to be one too...

Thanks for giving me a shout out on this list . Looking forward to helping drisers grow and helping others in our community.

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We also wanna see you and many More DTubers to rise up with quality content and make bonds with each other so that the entire community is benefitted.

Keep DTubing
Keep Rising


Hello DRisers! I like :D Welcome!

Hi @saracampero, Pleasure to see you liking the concept of DRisers.

Keep DTubing
Keep Rising


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