Kid's Hand Life Casting With Alginate & Plaster

in dtube •  last month 

Kid's hand life casting using alginate and Crystacal R. Starring Hannah the Banana. In this video we life cast Hannah's hand to create a replica plaster cast of her real hand!

Adult supervision always needed with these projects! :)

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Thank you c-squared! :)

Hi dramamask,

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Thank you curie! :)

She was so excited to go through it. I saw her talking almost all the time. And I like her attention to details: You can see my nails on it :) Looks like she's up for anything :)

Great work and I'm sure that she learned a lot during the process.

I hope that you'll have many more interesting projects with her :) Congratulations on your curie vote!

It was good fun and even though the hand broke, we managed to fix it. Thank you delishtreats! :)

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Thank you ocd! :)

Hahaha loved it! It looks so fun and original to do that :)

Thank you iamsaray! :)

It was cool, kind of nerve-wrecking. I loved Hanna. Lovely girl, blessings to her.
It looks like the process is complicated. Is there way to avoid breaking parts of what has been casted?
The final result was remarkable. Quite neat and elegant. Hanna is a fine hand-model :)
How expensive is every casting of that size? I'm thinking about how much money it would cost to ruin a cast

You just want to be careful to avoid any breaking of parts. :) Thank you hlezama! :)