Lego Starcraft Banshee Video (DTube)

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VIDEO: Lego Starcraft Banshee

Custom Lego design, you cannot buy this anywhere. Originally designed for Lego Technic contest in 2010. Video made by my brother.

Photos and video released in multiple sites (all my accounts):

banshee 3.jpg

banshee 2.jpg

▶️ DTube

I absolutely love this design! How did you come up with this? Btw glad to see more people doing something with lego here :) maybe here is some background info :) Thank you!

Wow :o
Too bad you can't buy this anywhere :)

Only 1 exists :D If I had motivation I could do pdf instructions of it :)

Ahah I was too fast to reply, actually 0 units exist nowadays. I took this apart few years ago to free parts for new designs :D

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amazing design , wish I had more bricks and try to recreate it. Well done!

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