Half Priced Gas + HardFork Stunt CONTEST

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Three years ago I had the pleasure of directing a spot for Dallas/TNT/GREY where our activation team took over a gas station on the west side of Manhattan.

Here's a Vimeo link too in case you're having playback issues...

We slashed the price of gas in half with the cheap oil we were supposedly trucking up from Texas. It got so crazy there was a line for dozens of blocks clogging up a major artery of the city. We won 3 Cannes Lions for making trouble. An unexpected and pleasing result. Maybe next time we’ll get to be involved in a stunt that promotes renewable energy through Blockchain tech...

...and you can be a part of it!

Join the HardFork Series Stunt Contest...



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Shocking that you're still burning fossil fuels. You already have the technology to stop. A few years from now you will curse yourself for making the air so thick with toxic chemicals. A HardFork is coming.


Agreed! Thanks for the insight into the future @the12.


Its true we have had the technology for a long time its just been buried/suppressed/hidden so that the people in power who control the energy can keep profiting and being in control. Don't want people to be free obviously.

i will participate in HardFork Series Stunt contest...


Fantastic, we'll see you this afternoon!

What line man! but thinking in the price i will do it too. Regards


Haha, yeah I think it was pretty hard to pass up for a lot of folks. By the afternoon the line went all the way down 10th Ave as far as I could see.


Hehe yes too large but with that price anybody do it, i mean you will have a full tank so cheap. Regards

Hehe, I like all the chaos because of the lower price! "It's practically free" Lol.


Haha, thanks @trendo! It was my job as director to contribute to the chaos. Fun day of troublemaking that's for sure.

i want to join Hard Fork Series Stunt contest.....


Wonderful, you're most welcome!

We always get news gasoline hike. We need a project like you. Crazy and useful :)

This is the case, unfortunately, in Turkey.



I really want to join

nice dtube video, thanks for sharing...

These are great tips; I have been using some of them already and it works!,,thanks i have no idea about what im doing so Im going to follow you !

Nice post sir.. thanks for sharing your blog..

just ah perfect click!!

But I did not understand why you did it.
Why did you lose all where you were going?

Nice stunt! Whats next in store?
And can you send some of that Texas oil up here to the twin cities?

Loved the Ewing / Dallas promo, since that is a few years ago, can you reveal what that promotional event cost to produce, even if not exact , maybe a "ball park" range? How many gallons of fuel were sold we be interesting to know as well. Thanks Doug, and best wishes for continued success.

Its sad that oil is how this world runs and that people don't care more to demand/innovate better solutions. Same could be said for Hollywood industry. Thankfully a hard fork is coming for Hollywood and the banking system!
This is a good stunt though as it gets a lot of attention which is what you want. Seems like it was quite expensive however.