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RE: DTube 0.8: The grand upgrade is finally here. DTV, DTalk, VIP system, etc

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This post is one of the most informative that I have seen related to DTube and related services. I believe the topics you bring up are of greater importance toward the growth of Steemit and its user base than any other application or interface seen as of yet. Very nice blog.

I would sincerely hope that requests to silence content which is being demonetized and/or banned on another video site would not be taken down on DTube. That is, if we can attract said users.


The DMCA process applies to copyrighted contents. We have no choice but to comply on this aspect for our domain.

If you are thinking about contents which are demonetized/banned for different reasons on YouTube, then I don't know, we haven't received any of that yet, all of the complaints have been legit (full movies uploads mostly)

DMCA and illegal actions / promoting illegal actions should be the ONLY things that get taken down.

When the law itself becomes the abuse, DMCA will be the problem. See The Nuremberg Trials.

  • I was under orders
  • I was just enforcing the law
  • name your legal poison

you sir just won a godwin point clap clap

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Honestly I am very impressed with how you share with others with your help they can get something they never expected.
And I always help you post next from you mr. @done
Thank you for what you have done for us

You may want to consider flagging as a pre-filter for content that comes up as high risk in your DMCA identification server. ..with an option to appeal ofcourse..That way user is disincentivzed to initiate such events.

Flag.s on Steemit are most times used to punish users for speaking out and they fundamentally demonetizing the user for months at a time. This is the sad reality. They often become tit for tat never ending vengeful tools. Not the answer.

Steemit investors do well when it comes to identifying copy/paste blogs. I do not see a problem with us doing the same for video content.

Ideally, the one that comes up with a decentralized solution will win. I have never heard of a blockchain currency having to undo a transactions based on a DMCA or any other illegal activity. Once a line is drawn and the possibility exists to take down anything, there is room for abuse.

Very well explained about flag issue. Well done @done

yeah, but as soon as the first flag is made that has a serious impact against the creator... you can't just unflag and get the steem. A vote is a vote, and if a bot starts flagging people unjustly while it is reputable, then that will have serious ramifications for upcoming users..

you can always remove the flag , no?

Yes, but the flag would still be registered on the blockchain, its permanent regardless of what the actions are in the frontend (after flagging).

I am not sure if I follow you , in my understanding whatever damage a flag causes can be undone as soon as it is removed...

am I wrong ?

Not from my understanding of how the blockchain works. Each vote is permanent regardless if you "unvote". Just like each post you make is permanent, regardless if you edit, all you're doing is just updating the frontend content, but all the previous data is still registered on the blockchain.

If that is the case, you are right flagging won't help in that sense...

The permanence of data on the blockchain isn't inherently a problem, it depends on how it's used. For instance, a 1BTC deposit is permanent, but a 1BTC withdrawal still means the account has, after the withdrawal, 0BTC.

So it seems here that the presence of the vote, in the ledger history, is not inherently a bad thing as long as there's a means to unvote it, AND that the unvote actually does something meaningful. That is, if it undoes demonetization, has the appropriate counter effect to reputation systems, etc.

Now, I don't know steem based platforms well enough to know if these effects are part of it, but were they to be, then immutable block chain data wouldn't be a problem.

I openly understand the use of dtube.
Please upvote me

Regardless of DCMA, some content like mine (DJ Mixes) clearly fall under "fair use". Anyone can use copyright content as long as it's altered (Remix videos/Full mixes) and doesn't hurt the market (Free DJ promotion). DCMA has hurt legit independent DJ's the most.

Fair use isn't that simple. It's possible in some circumstances to change very little and still be able to win a fair use defense, and in other circumstances to change a lot and still be found to have infringed the copyright. I encourage you to study how it actually works, and maybe ask a copyright attorney. In fact, I happen to know of Leonard French, an attorney who talks a lot about copyright (including fair use) and other topics, as well as various cases in the news, on his YouTube channel.

That said, the DMCA is being abused a lot. Something needs to be done to stop that abuse. Lenz v Universal was a step in the right direction, but I don't think it actually did as much as it could have. It's even worse when people make DMCA claims that are completely invalid, as e.g. someone did sometime back to Imagos Softworks and quite a number of their fans. At least they got a positive resolution, but a lot of damage was already done.

Hi bro this my first dtube video chack please

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Hi bro this my first dtube video chack please

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Hi bro this my first dtube video chack please

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Hi bro this my first dtube video chack please

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YouTube, DMCA, Sony, CBS, destroyed thousands of my OJAWALL videos in 2017.

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