What are your thoughts on stocks? Invested, interested, nothing to do with them?

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Stocks, the old world of investment. I know many people here do not like talking about fiat related topics but I wanted to know how many people here are invested or interested in stocks? The truth is I think many people here may be living in a country with major investment opportunities in stocks but aren't even aware of them. For many I can imagine crypto being the eye opener to investments and trading. For example, right now in Jamaica, the stock market is booming. But many people don't even know how to invest in stocks much less crypto. The few that do just let it ride out. And others like my cousin are making a killing driving a baby blue Range Rover and investing in property with the gains. ( I always tell him to put a few coins into crypto... he bought some bitcoin. Now for him to buy some steem).

Right now if I were in Jamaica where I could get a hold of stock trading their properly, I'd use the gains to invest in crypto. Japan, where I am at now is also considered "the land of technology", AI and robotics stocks abound, but the barriers to entry do exists. Some people here on steem may be in a market where stocks are gaining more than crypto and by taking advantage of that, could increase their crypto holdings in the future.

PS: The stock market is being tokenized, let us not forget.

Comment below and let me know if you are interested or already invested in stocks.


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first of all. that banner looks awesome!!!! lol thanks for the support man.

as for investing. index funds for me. i’m not smart enough to invest in individual stocks. but index investing makes sense to me.

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Yeah no problem, you gave me the idea of taking advantage of the referal links. ( I am getting ready for all the new users LOL)

That makes sense, that way you don't have to take up time watching individual stock. That is smart if you ask me.

if people don't like talking about them, they're stupid....stocks and fiat related investments will always be here...will crypto prevail or not, they'll still be relevant.."loyal to blockchain" is BS :D I mean..it's not a relationship right? :D why coiuldnt u buy also traditional things?

I'm doing my research on ETFs for the last 2 weeks, trying to figure out te right strategy and right ETFs to buy. Would love to get some high dividend ETF...Ill start investing in couple of weeks..it'll be continuous investing every quarter for 20 years...that's what I plan to do. Invest cca 20% of my salary for 20 years..

Oh btw..I want Ariana Grande's something else :DD Not voice :D

Nice bro, as soon as I read this I went and researched ETFs wasn’t sure exactly what they were but had an idea ( that’s why I didn’t respond earlier) I need to start researching myself and figuring out a strategy lol!
Yeah there is this sentiment at times to be “ loyal “ to blockchain. While we love it, investments is investments and we gotta seek and learn about opportunities.
Yeah we all want Ariana grande’s something else and some !! I gotta look at her now hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

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I first set foot on crypto trading before I finally engaged in stock market investing/trading. Both stocks and crypto have advantages and disadvantages with respect to the level of volatility. But right now as the bear crypto market continues, I trade more on stocks because I am concerned with capital preservation. It is my way of diversifying my investments. For now, I am planning to buy and hoard more steem since I see so much potential for blockchain tech specifically Steem :D

Nice, crypto has opened the eyes of many people towards investments. I too took more interest in stocks after entering crypto, it seemed more exciting then.
Indeed they both have advantages and we must learn to make best of the opportunities. I too want to start actively taking part in the stock markets , now my stocks are in Jamaica and if I want to see my portfolio I have to what’s App my busy broker who I don’t even know , so old fashioned lol but that’s why there is opportunity there. ,’crypto moves fast! Yes steem , something special about it , never seen anything like it.
I see you post a lot about finance, following and will be looking out. Thanks

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Some people here on steem may be in a market where stocks are gaining more than crypto and by taking advantage of that, could increase their crypto holdings in the future

I did that with FB stock,,, cashed out a lot of my gains and parlayed some of it into Steem Holdings

Sweet! Now that's the type of story I like to hear. I just wanna jump on one good stock here in Japan, 10 X and flip it over into steem.

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