Mind Fvks and the inner critic, how to observe them and understand YOU better!

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Wad up steemiverse, everything good?

Today I wanna talk to y’all about mind fvcks and how to be aware of them. The reason I’m talking about this is because I’m currently part of a healing /life coaching group led by Chevy Cardoza ( still trying to get her on steem) . Last weeks major theme that came out of her daily questions was how mind fvked we all are.

When I say mind fvked I mean the many ways in which our minds have been programmed by our surroundings since birth and how many of these programs no longer serve us but do affect our everyday lives.

In this video I will tell you how to spot some of these mind fvcks and observe them from a higher vibration therefore making your personality, actions and ultimately your life , more YOU!

Do you think Mind Fvks are preventing you from being the best you can be? Comment below, though I am not here to give advice , I will witness you fully!


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Very valuable information and a great topic for the world Brother @dmilliz. We are subjected to so many different ways of thinking in our life from the time we enter into this world. This can have us confused so many times in our life because we are overloaded with information with so many opinions.

But like you said, we need to listen to our self sometimes. Because no one knows us better than we do for real. But because of all the data inputted into our minds sometimes even our selves can be a bit lost in thought. Love your input brother. Keep inspiring all of us with your knowledge.

May You and Your Family Always Live in the Abundance of Beauty, Happiness, Peace, and Love and Always Be surrounded by Blessings.

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Thanks man! The mind is a very fascinating thing ! Yeah so much things coming at us from many directions in this digital age.
The inner voice can be a mean bitch lol

Yeah throughout the day there are millions of thoughts we gotta watch and observe and let them pass instead of dwelling if they don’t serve us .

Thanks for the comment bro! Appreciate it! Stay blessed and keep on motivating! Blessings and guidance to you and fam ✨

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This Is one of the best videos I've seen from you and if you ask me I'd like to share my two cent, the thing is sometimes we do not even know that we've been programmed by our environments, hence we act as if everything we do is as a result of our instinct, I'm really glad you joined that group, sometimes we need mental consciousness to discover this.

PS my voting power is still recharging, soon, it'll happen and I'll vote

Thanks for your comment bro! Indeed, even as adults, so much of what we do is programmed, too much scripts running in our minds from media and other people, if we only look inside we can discover who we really are. Blessings !

i like what you had too say about our inner cdiddic the two different types and taking time to listen so that i can find where its coming form. i wanna find my mind fvks.

HAHAHAH , thanks for your comment man! I had/was told to sit down and just listen to all the inner critic was saying and write it down no matter how fvked up it seemed. Once I did that then I thought " where does all this come from?" It is all about observing from a higher perspective and being more conscious of your inner dialogue. Blessings bro

Yeah and when you write it down get it all out so that you can ask why, is when the truth of your statement about it likely being some Believe/trauma in ones childhood really comes to light!

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Exactly, we will never quite get rid of the inner critic but we can look on it from an entirely different level.

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