Sort: and steempeak are different sites that use different code base. They would need to do the same changes to their site for them to be able to support dtube embeds.

Makes sense. Thanks! Hope they implement the change.

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Yeah I hope that as well. It is a long awaited feature and all the other sites could have implemented it waaaaay earlier to have an unique feature but now they just can follow the example. Not much to do in my opinion ;)

Agreed. We desperately need a video solution to soar here on Steem.

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Uhm yeah @distantsignal.

Let's check & see how this 'new feature' works and test if it's also usable on comments. };)

Yeah @steemimages. Yes, IPFS also can be a pain in the ass and a tough slut to conquer sometimes. Hahahaha

Can you share a steempeak screenshot of the issue?

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