Path of Exile | SSF Hardcore In Synthesis | Act 9 (Completed) | Scorching Ray

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The fight with Doedre was rather difficult. But I done it. Next, plan to go The Cruel Labyrinth.

Class: Shadow
Ascendancy class: Trickster
Challenges completed: 5 of 40
Level: 72
Life: 3567
Energy shield: 734
Life regeneration per second: 134.9
Evasion rating: 2612
Chance evasion: 29%
Chance to block attack damage: 24%
Chance to block spell damage: 8%
DPS: (6810 + 60% per stage) per second
Attack skill: Scorching Ray + Burning Damage + Elemental Focus + Efficary
Attack support skill: Orb of Storms + Arcane Surge + Added Lightning Damage
Move skill: Flame Dash + Faster Casting + Fire Penetration
Def skill: Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call
Def skill: Arctic Armour
Def skill: Blasphemy + Temporal Chains(2%)
Resistances: Fire 75%, Cold 75%, Lightning 75%, Chaos 4%
Character name: NinthSoul
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Interesting loot:

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