@clixmoney V.S. @enjoyinglife - We care about the platform ! Nothing gonna stop us from being a team !

in dtube •  3 months ago

Me @clixmoney and @enjoyinglife had a misunderstanding.

Sometimes that happens when we don't try to understand each other.

We made this video together to let people know that even if you had any issue with anyone here, you should fix that.

It's impossible to be good for everyone, we need the balance.

We had a big drama in @dtube with a guy who said his opinion about dtubers in a rude way.

After this a lot of people started talking about that and creating content about that.

I understand everybody and I'm really sorry about that, guys.

But folks, let's forgive each other, let's be friends, let's care about the platform we use.

Let's focus more on success but not on hate.

Hate is bad energy, let's get rid of it.

Let's share more love.

We use the earning from this video to power up to upvote more dtube's videos.

Let's all team up for improving.

Thanks to @nathanmars who delegated to us so much power. Thanks for considering us as a family and for seeing all of us equal. We will do our best to make those delegations bring more value.

Written by @clixmoney

Inspired by @enjoyinglife

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The Best Dtube Vlog of November 2018!!! At least for me.

Love both of my brothers :)


Thanks a lot. We did our best to make it perfect. Almost perfect at least. Thanks for your awesome support. ☺

Haha that thumbnail is hilarious! Mahaha that video is just awsome!
I would like to quote and comment all these scenes but I dont want to post spoilers lol

All I can say:
Good message you delivered here my friends!

Peace !



Thanks my dear friend and the co-founder of @dcooperation . I'm glad you like the thumbnail and you got the message. Thanks for resteeming it to the world. We will all make the platform improve. Every single one of us. We are all power. We are real people. ☺


Absolutely my friend !
And we are on a very good and productive way to guide dtube in that nice future :)

Happy Day !

@enjoyinglife seems a splendid guys with a smart brain well you guys can definitely go beyond your animosity, cheers to settling


Yeah, of course, the goal was not only about that, but for people to take an exmaple from us and be friendly on the platform. We have all to be a part of something great.

I'm really glad you guys are okay now. All you've said is very true

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Thanks, we did our best. ☺

@dcooperation, @clixmoney and @enjoyinglife, thank you for this great video!
I am very happy to see that people can overcome some misunderstandings in a friendly way.
This is video shows that Steem blockchain is a place populated by great people! You guys are great! It is so nice to have you on DTube!
Thank you!

Happy Dtubing!


You are very welcome, thanks my dear friend. ☺

You are very excited, I am motivated, thank you, friend, I am waiting for another video


Nice, that was the goal, to motivate everybody. ☺

Ha ha ha best thumbnail!
Great done with some encourage message. Let's move forward.


I'm glad you like the thumbnail. Yeah, moving forward is the most important. We will all have a bright future. ☺

This is the most powerful collaboration. In it itself, it delivers message to all kind of Dtubers. Whether the lover or the shy or the hater - all should watch and learn something. I am humbled.


I'm glad you understand the message. I hope more people will. ☺

LOL the battle of the fedora boys. Who wore it best?

you are cool, guys, but I was most impressed by his yellow microphone!😄😄


Haha, thanks for watching. ☺

Fuck you both, and fuck your content!!
No-one cares.
Please upvote me :P


Haha, I will not. :P lol :) ☺

Yea but..



haha :) lol crazy. lol :) ☺

you two....absolutely made my day over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you lol :))))))) crackin' me UP....and INSPIRING ME!!!!!!!! two heroes of mine...on this blockchain!!!! please keep it coming!!!!


Thanks. We will, stay tuned. lol ☺

really well done on this video, loved the information


what information ? did you watch the video ?

This was a really amazing information. I am glad you are now a team, i hope all works out, you guys are so amazing , i want to follow you a long time


I'm glad you'r happy about us. This is the right comment, thanks. ☺

Really nice video and awesome thumbnail.
You are rocks.
Thank you


You are welcome. ☺

Oh My. @clicksmoney and @enjoyinglife super Like your collaboration it's creative and so inspiring . Hope there is part 2 .
👍 👍


Yeah, we will do it someday. lol ☺

The thumbnail got me into the video but your message and the things you are saying is what made me watch through the full thing.

Great job guys!



Thanks man, I'm glad you like it. Especially about the message, I love if it will be spread on all steem blockchain. ☺