Travel: Kyrgystan and it's beautifull Ala Kol Lake ** Action Cam**

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Hi dear Steemians,

It has been a while you've seen travel content from me, but here it is with a major comeback.
This summer I spent most of my time in Kyrgystan with my wife.
As you might know I love capturing nature at it's finest with my camera, but in this case I also brought my Yi Action Cam to show you lucky we felt whilst we struggled and killed our calves up against the wall of nature.

Kyrgystan has few of the highest mountains in the world. Since we aren't to experienced in hiking, we picked a mountain which is @dboontje proof hoping our water would last till the finish. Three days and over sixty kilometres brought us to a hight of 3860 meter above sea level.

Please enjoy my first post out many yet to come. Follow me if you want to see more amazing photo's / stories / blood sweat and tears / movies about central asias Kyrgystan.


Thank you

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hey @dboontje,
first of all congratulations of the great holiday's destination and interesting footage from it. After watching Dark Tourist on Netflix, especially episode called Stans I really felt some inner need to also explore these lands. For a random European tourist or traveller, Kyrgystan isn't so well described and known place. In fact, after a more careful research there is more question marks than answers, making this land way much more interesting to visit. Have you seen this Dark Tourist episode ? What was the idea behind a trip over there ?

Hi @cubapl thanks for your comment. I haven't seen the serie at all so I can't really relate to your experience, but I can assure you that it really interesting to travel in countries like Kyrgyzstan. Our idea was to explore something new and not so common. Well I guess we succeeded.

highly recommended stuff which shows how bizarre this country can be

ehy dear @dboontje, your video is very nice and fun! and with truly spectacular landscapes, worthy of a postcard. it's nice to see the road through the room, like walking with you to the top !! Was the tent like a shelter already built? it was a nice effort if you say you are not trained !! congratulations

Hi @road2horizon thanks for the compliments. The tents were already there. The so called yurts are nomad tents and they are very warm and dry. It was a warm welcome up the mountain I must say.

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fantastic experience, I think being able to stay in close contact with nature is healthy for the body and soul, and it can recharge our batteries for everyday life !! well done

That is a great way to spend summer! What made you choose Kyrgystan? It's not one of those places where tourists go I guess, which is great as you can find wild nature and don't be bothered by hundreds of other people.

I'm looking forward to seeing rest of the Kyrgystan series. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun and adventures :)

Hi first of all, thanks for watching! I'm surprised nobody else watched or comment on the short movie. Even with the music I added... How hideous is that?😂 Any how, Kyrgyzstan is great! The how and the why you'll read in one of my next post with some photos included. It was at least a lot less touristic as we're used to.

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I must admit that the music was not my favorite part and that's why I didn't mention it in my first comment :D :D :D

Well.. Even I think it's almost unbearable. Which makes it more funny to me for just once.

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Oww I really liked the video, the way you edited it was super entertaining

Hi, thank you so much. Make sure you wait for the rest.

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Impressive panoramic view. Even the wild vegetation is kind of pretty with thos epruple flowers and tiny white ones.
What was it with those small rocks piled on the big one?
The tent looked pretty elaborate and strong. Did you build it?
Those hillsides looked pretty slippery with so many small rocks piled there. It looks like that area is prone to landslides.
Beautiful shots of the lake. Really impressive place.

Hey man! Thanks
I'm not sure what you mean with small rocks on the big one.
The tent is actually called a yurt. Its a nomads tent and they are very strong and warm. We didn't build it, it's more like a small camp halfway the mountain.
And yes, it was pretty slippery. Not particular wet but more like really steep. Enough places to get injured.

We're you from @hlezama?

By minute 0:36 we see some small rocks piled (purposefully?) on a big one
I am from and live in Venezuela

O yes you're right.. Their are dozens of those on your way up. It's something hikers do as the reach a certain point.

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