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RE: ZNAP7 - Plus watch me play Monster Hunter 8D!

in #dtube2 years ago

Wow I love the new software yo! That's super sweet! You're getting good at just going with the flow as you record and talk right through it.

My favorite of the 7 words has to be ambition. Life is all about what you make it and glad to see you enjoying yours!! That's how yah do it! Even if it is the last one on the list, last but not least ;P Cheers friend!


I could have 20 words that are definitely important to me, top 7 is def where all words start getting serious so def last, but EXTREMELY important.

And yeah! It was worth the money, it let's you do a lot of things and you get a whole package with it, works with streaming and is really easy to create layouts and switch between "scenes" which is what I'm doing to make myself big or small xD

That way you can create "BRB" pages or just talk pages and then gameplay pages and it's all really smooth with the transition between them.

My computer isnt quite good enough to stream with high quality but I'm working to get upgrades so I can "expand' my content types.

And yeah I'm just narrating everything I think LOL. been watching guides and stuff to help xD

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