Creating a base to put my phone and be able to record my skate videos - Great idea? - LEGOS.

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Hello friends welcome to another video for my channel, I came up with something very funny and I hope it will be a great help for my videos.

As everyone knows, it is very difficult sometimes to record me and I almost always try to record them and always create material so well I hope you like this idea that I came up with and I hope it works friends.

Some should think why not buy a new tripod? the truth right now I can't, so while trying to create things that can help me.


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This idea is so good!
Great thinking bro!!!

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If brother now just need to try it when skating, Cheers my brotha

Great idea bro! @diytube
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Really cool and simple idea dude! Love it!

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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Hey mate, a great use for Lego! Nice job.

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thank you very much brother, I just need to try it to see how I manage to record, if that assures me today enter the LEGO community.

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That is awesome @davixesk8! Lego real life use case :)

For real! So creative yet simple!

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