Skate on the Spot #2 "Crazy day"

in dtube •  last month  (edited)

Hey guys, how are you?
Today was a crazy day, the day was planned, to make some lines and while recording the intro for the video ramon broke the table, so we invented a new obstacle and take advantage of that he could record me, I hope you enjoy the editing people , do not forget to subscribe, see you in a next video.

Edit: @davixesk8
Music: Summit - Skrillex
Dark fantasy - The enigma


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You killed it bro.
Halfcab manual 180 out and sex change out were insane for real.
You could try a boardslide to manual to bs lip at the end of the curb?
I 'll send you one Steem if you do this.
Is that a challenge?


Of course I can try it, but now I will be a month, in another state, but I promise that in what is again in my house, it will be the first thing I try, it really sounds super cool, yesterday I made boardslide fs to manual, but not I can upload the videos the same day I record them, the internet is bad, and the light goes off for almost 4 hours, brother, but I accept the challenge, I like the challenges hahaha greetings brother, let's continue learning.

Keep up the skate

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always my friend, cheers from venezuela

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