DTube & Steemit 🔥 What you need to know!

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DTube and Steemit are both decentralized apps (Dapps)

Dtube is an application fully written in javascript, that runs in the browser, that allows you to upload and watch videos on top of the IPFS Network. Moreover, it uses STEEM (3 second block time) as a database and enables earning rewards from your uploads.


Compare content creators vs ad platforms
Facebook/Youtube/Cable TV = Ad platform
Netflix = Video platform/content creator

Original release notes from developer

While I personally believe that decentralization is the future, don't get your hopes too high yet. Competing with YouTube is an heavy task that cannot be done by one man. My intent with this project was to practically demonstrate the possibility of decentralized video on top of IPFS. It works, but we don't know how well it will work in the long-term. YouTube also has a lot of extra features that makes the experience superior. What I built, represents maybe 1% of the work required to have something that can compete with YouTube. I built some walls, but there is no insulation, or painting, and the whole building might collapse at any time.

Please note that DTube is in an early stage of development, don't think everything will work fine all of the time, but it does most of the time.

-Can’t embed videos on steemit
-search features isn’t decentralized
-Slow, interrupted streaming
-No livestreams
-Small user base/ marketing budget
-Copyright/Censored material is manually down voted

-Ad free experience
-Pays content creators directly
-First and largest Dapp for video
-Working beta version
-Once beta testing is complete issues are expected to be resolved

Uses the IPFS protocol to store data

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▶️ DTube

Awesome video! I learned some great stuff and I appreciate your work on this one!! Try more click bait about how to make money with social media engagement type stuff! Get those views and get people to sign up for Steemit!! Thanks for the post!! Upvote / Resteem

good response @brettcalloway

Very neat breakdown, David! I think the more big players share their experiences with Steemit & Dtube on the centralized, albeit bigger platforms, the more users will see the massive benefits of adopting it and cutting out the greedy middleman.

As you mentioned, there definitely is still a way to go until all the issues are resolved, but I feel that the Steem platforms have already started off on a better foot than, for eg., Youtube has when they started. And knowing how much they've grown, it gets very exciting to imagine the incredible potential ahead.

Go David! Go Steem!

Hi! I am not a robot. I just upvoted you! Your content is awesome.

A great video indeed David, and I too cannot wait until DTube is able to get its shit together... it truly will become a YouTube killer!

As always thanks for sharing David. I saw Louis Thomas name drop you on his video or top crypto people on YouTube. Was glad to hear it. Love ya both! Perhaps our paths will cross when your in NYC in a few weeks. Cheers.

I've been watching Louis videos for a long time, he's a great guy with killer content.

Learned a lot from your videos. I really appreciate them. Thank you David.

Lol those comments. One thing that will get @davidhay worked up are bots 😂

Funny it seems to me everyone is trying to get an "upvote" on their replies . But the funny part is that the real value does not come from an upvote but the knowledge understood and grasped within the content as well as applying that knowledge.

well said

Great informative video as you so rightly point out dtube is a work in progress and will improve if the open source developer community gets behind it. Even with all its drawbacks I much prefer to watch videos on dtube as I do not have to watch all those advertsiments

It's so refreshing to be on an ad-free platform!

No more bitconnectttttttt ads :p

It's the other way. There are bots that can be used by advertisers to send their content to the trending page.

What's so good about DTube is that it's built on top of Steemit, so there's already a community, a comments section and so on.

A project that is possibly even more promising is LBRY.


It still has a long way to go though.

First of all, it's an entirely new protocol, so you'll have to install their app to use it. If I'm not mistaken the protocol can be implemented to regular browsers though, it's just a matter of the browsers supporting it.

Another issue as of right now is that there's no comments section yet, so it feels a bit dead. This will come later on though, the developers are focusing on fixing bugs and making it stable first.

You can choose to upload videos (and other types of content like mp3, pdf etc.) for free, or charge for it. The content is stored by the people who consume it... if they choose to. If they choose to they're compensated in LBRY Credits which can be traded for other cryptos, or be spent to consume paid content.

That's how it's supposed to work down the line at least. The developers are also really friendly and responsive on discord.

One thing is certain, YouTube is not the future 😉

Im loving your information on youtube and its great you are on DTube and Steemit. Thanks for your efforts.

Hey David, good content in your videos. I am a crypto enthusiast and have a small following on YouTube and Steemit. If you ever interested in collaborating on a video, i think it would be great since we are all one big Crypto family! Check me out if you get a chance. Thanks for all you do for Crypto!

Great video and Thank you for introducing me to this steemit platform. your youtube video on steemit is what brought me here.

Actually the streaming is not only in 480p. You can choose between 480p and the original source file from the IPFS server.
YouTube actually reencode each video in many other formats and sizes (and as far as I know, you cannot watch the original source file in YouTube).

That's what I thought I couldn't find the option

Hi @davidhay, once again thanks for such great quality content. I am a very loyal follower and watch your content whenever I can. It is really great that you are embracing the Steemit platform and the other decentralised apps that are running on the STEEM blockchain.

I am currently doing a 'Learning to Steemit: From One Newbie to Another' blog series, my most recent Steem Tool review was DMania and I am planning a review of DTube to come out in the near future.

Please keep producing your great content and let me know if there is any way I can assist in promoting your content.


You've got my vote and resteem for this post and its quality content

You can actually make live streams on dlive ... I think Dtube wont ever be completely similar to youtube, and i think thats good, social media on the blockchain should grow in different new ways...

I been following david hay from youtube and he is my crypto guru.

Another great video David! Please water your plants :)

Great video! The more I'm using Steemit and Dtube, the more I feeling like this is the future. I didn't know about the IPFS storage, make me wonder how the platform will scale, like if 50 big Youtubers all came over and brought their following would it be too much? I wonder.

Thanks for another great video @davidhay! I haven't had the chance to have a deep look into DTube as of now. Your video helped me quite a lot. Personally, I'm not planning to do videos in the near future but it helped me to understand some flaws, that DTube still has to overcome in order to gain mass adoption. Also thanks for the additional sources you posted!

Well you are generating a lot of traction with your random reviewer 0,1 ETH draw but what about your steemit/dtube followers? Since we are going toward this future, should you not do half n half?
that might even draw some of your audience onto steem

So I am posting my ETH adress here as well to be part of the 0,05 ETH draw on the steem platform...

its a very helpful post, thank you..

Great video. Lots of good info for a noob like me.

Keep up the good work.

Great videos as always. Can you do a video review on Nebulas as well?

"Please note that DTube is in an early stage of development, don't think everything will work fine all of the time, but it does most of the time."

Good things take time. I'm sure most of the features it currently doesn't have will be implemented in time.

I'm going to be honest here. I see something big happening right now. I'm starting to see big named people from youtube pop up on the Dtube and Steemit platform, and with them comes more people.

We may not be able to compete with Youtube yet, and it may be a "heavy task" but we are strong. I'm predicting Dtube will eventually be their number 1 competitor. We just have to keep working hard, and always be moving forward.

Nice article!
I do want to mention 2 things that needs to be fixed and are not technical issues.

One is that the amount of money generated by upvotes on an article is visible by everyone. I know that blockchain is a lot about transparency but showing it out in the open in dollar figures, it's weird. What are people going to feel about this? If they judge that you made enough money already, will they still like your post?

The fact that an upvote has more value coming from someone with more Steempower is weird too. What does that mean? When you're poor your opinion does not count as much? At least on Youtube a like is a like.

Anyway I love DTube and Steemit, and I'm sure they will evolve and fix these issues! Long live the blockchain.

Thanks dear sharing this news ..I always see your post and follow you..

I think in time DTube will overtake Youtube as a platform for creators

Woulld be pretty cool if it did! Imagine how good an investment this would all be hey 👌

Very informative video. Decentralized social networking is getting bigger and mass adoption is not very far. User experience will improve with time and more coming to this space.

Great insight mate - I'm a huge fan of your YouTube channel and I'm a big fan of videos like these on steemi - keep at it mate 👌

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