Against Empathy

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features Paul Bloom Professor of Psychology & Cognitive Science
Yale University

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It would just have to be a psychologist that says empathy is bad wouldn't it? Psychologists cannot be empathic by the nature of their work, empathic people could not be psychologists as they would relate to the pain of others.

It then follows that psychologists are people with little or no empathy at all, if they do have some it is destroyed by their training.
This mechanism is enforced by other psychologists on the grounds of "relating to their clients" "unprofessional behaviour" and "overly emotional reponses" and they are marginalised on those grounds.

Of course Prof Bloom would say this, he knows no other way. If the only tool he has is a hammer then he will naturally see everything as a nail.

He is just not a caring person so as an uncaring people he choose a profession where he does not have to care or relate to others at all.