Now On Pre-Hospital Level Of Medications / Steroids Make Me Feel GREAT!!! [Quitting Smoking Day 14] - D00k13 Digest #374

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What up my Steemians, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest, ended up having the day off work yesterday so that I may get checked by the doctor again. Long story short, they have doubled my meds and added an oral steroid to help calm this current flaring. I have been scheduled to go for further testing at the hospital in 4-8 weeks and if I am still struggling then I will be put on fast track as a life threatening situation being referred to a specialist on the mainland. All in all I don't actually feel to bad but that is most likely just the steroids I am now on.

Makes me wonder why they never treated my recurring cough before? I mean the pharmacist said if this had set in when I was 40-50 I would not be up and moving about like I am currently, I can thank my rather large and healthy lungs for that.

Here is hoping after these 5 days of oral steroids the condition calms down and my inhalers will do the trick though I may insist on going to the specialist anyways! I need to make that request when they get me into the hospital for the first step of testing, only the appointed individual can make the referral.

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Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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    Get well my brother, I wish you all the best, thanks for sharing with us your health status.

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    Yea buddy here is hoping I can get this under control otherwise I may be posting from the hospital sooner or later 😅

    Thank you for the support my friend ❤️

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    Well wishes my friend. Praying for you in those 4-8 weeks you have an answer and that the Condition is totally "benign". Curious, why he just doesn't send you to Specialist right away ??

    But Stopping smoking is a HUGE step in overall health :)

    Here’s hoping, right?

    I can’t be sent to the specialist without having the approved authority look at me first and then be able to refer me to the specialist, chain of command is what I’m speculating.

    I believe the only reason why they’re taking me seriously is because I have stop smoking to try to get over this ailment which is really emphasizing to them how much discomfort I am actually in.

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    Congratz on stopping smoking!! Remember you gonna have some phlegm for a while, it's your body eliminating!
    CBD oil helps as well with inflammation of the lungs as steroid can take a toll of life expectancy... But the docs know what they doing, right?
    Good luck brother, much love


    Thank you for all the support @edprivat

    Yeah they did tell me the phlegm is partially to do with quitting smoking but after 13 days it should be settling by now and not getting worse like it seems to be. I believe they are actually concerned there might be something more going on that’s the reason they have given me steroids for five days. If I don’t start to show signs of improvement I very well may be in the hospital next.

    I may have to look into CBD oil going forward, not really sure if it’s available in our local dispensaries right now and with the turmoil going on with licensing but I’m sure I can find it elsewhere.

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    Well please keep us updated, I hope it's nothing to be honest!

    Yeah CBD oil is a miracle oil, if boxers and UFC fighters use it when they recover from being all busted up, I am sure us normal human being can really benefit from it. Plus cannabis has vasodilatating properties, which means it can clear your lungs!

    Sorry to hear this but please please please take care... I pray everything goes well and that your body also works well with the medication for complete healing. Sending positive vibes to you. And hugs. ❤️🤗

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    Dunka 💪

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