Cardano Coin Review - Will ADA Prices Reach $1 In 2019? Is This The 3rd Generation Blockchain? Let's Discuss!

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Cardano Website

What is Cardano?

Ethereum Equivalent, programmed in Haskell and currently ranked #11 on Coinmarketcap

Keep it simple!

Programmed in Haskell...

Why Haskell was chosen as Cardon's programming language explained here:

Plutus written Smart Contracts...

Plutus is Cardano's version of Ethereum's Plasma

Elite Community...

Find out the latest news on ADA from Cardano's Community Discord Channel

Frequent news on Cardano otherwise known as ADA...

Oh wait! Cardano's potential price ofcourse!

By the way, that's a potential profit of 1,900% at today's prices...

Is this really the 3rd generation blockchain the Cardano community claims their beloved coin to be?

More importantly - Will the price go back to $1??

Seem's like it's worth grabbing a long term bag at these prices!

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I’ll be a millionaire!

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You hold lot of Cardino??

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yea man, I have a whole lot of hope for this one.

Cardano went to 25 billion and has some serious backing by lots of smart people rather than young geniuses. Not to discredit young geniuses companies though because Ethereum is obviously doing the best!

Oh good. But I don't have any coin I hold. Best of luck

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Great Video Excellent Yall!!!!!