DEEP DIVE: STEEM Curation Exploration Strategies! Maximizing Your Curation Is The Goal! 1st Episode - New Weekly Segment!

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Hello Friends & Fellow Steemians!

I'm introducing my new series called DEEP DIVE!

Check out my 1st Episode of Deep Dive!

DEEP DIVE is for those of you who may be more detail oriented, or are visual learners or simply those who enjoy my videos or previous content I've put out on Steem.

So I decided to start doing a DEEP DIVE on some of my favorite topics to review more complex ways I attempt to maximize my weekly STEEM income!

What is Curation Exploration You ask?

"Curation Exploration"
is whatever strategy you find most effective that maximizes your Steem curation earnings or that supports a certain community you align with.

In this video I do a deep dive into my own strategy and how I try to maximize my weekly Steem earnings. I hope you learn something but more importantly I hope to hear from all my friends, followers, and fellow Steemians if you enjoyed your my first episode on Curation Exploration!

DEEP DIVE - Episode 1

Curation Exploration

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Hope you enjoyed my new and first DEEP DIVE episode!

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very deep explanation bout maximize curation reward crypto knight... peace

Thanks! Hope you learned something!

Pfft!! No steem voter link (; lol


Here you are my friend! Glad to know you were paying attention! Remember, if you trail my votes - I did disclaim I'm still in the experimentational phase

So you call him a WHALE ???

I remember when people used to just upvote things they liked,lol

Remember when money was paper and riding your bike to your friends house was the only way to find out they were home or not? Those were the times!

Thats call real steemit platform for which it was built.

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I will definitely be giving this a good watch after work!

I hope you enjoy and learn something along the way friend!

I’ll give it a listen after the coffee is poured.

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Hope you liked this episode! Your last comment inspired me to do deep dives to offer more detail.

Curation is really one of those things that you to trust in your long term strategy, then stay committed.

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@cryptoknight it's clearly explanation..i will try this soon

Thanks for the feedback and I hope it helps!

Good explanation, I follow soon. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks! Look forward to hearing more from you my friend!

I'm hoping the more people learn how deep Steem really goes, maybe it becomes more of an enjoyable experience. It's kind of a genius concept if you think about curation and how it makes the overall content improve.

The real problem I think lies with Steem though, because they doesn't understand the value in explaining their mechanics simply.

At least in my case, now that I learned how curation works - I actually do chase and upvote better content, which is good for the platform rather than rewarding people and clogging up feeds with spammy/bad content.

Since the reward pays out in 30 minutes, it also incentives people to seek out new and good producers of content, right? This in theory gives more channels for whales to see it as opportunistic in being a curation seeker.

Kind of decentralizes your return of investment on people, since the ultimate idea behind it all is most def - you upvote me, I upvote you - the more you build your community the stronger you all get ie. ROI!

awesome D tube vid! I'm trying to maximize my curation rewards just bought steem power

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Is there a speed control? i can't watch videos at 1x speed. Need at least 2x speed to watch a video .

Yes, it's uploaded on Youtube and it has one.

If there is one on youtube then yes, I am not sure about dtube! I get it, I listen to podcasts at 1.5x and I also talk slow

hola excelente dame tu voto gracias

I notice you don't have a referral for WebTalk who are going to pay their users commissions for items bought on their platform. Webtalk also allows you to earn 10% from five layers of referrals below you... (thats 50%). Here check them out!

Thanks for the info. It's nice to know it.
I learned a lot.

The concept is explained in a very interesting way,liked it !!

Really good video about curation. It's useful for those who want to increase their steem power. Nice to see you experementing with all these stuff. ☺

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