We are keep going to discover Blockchain Technology depth

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With each passing day we started to discover how many different options we have on Blockchain. In fact, technology is improving itself day by day and allows us to take advantage of different opportunities.

Now i am seeing on @dtube that One of the interesting developments which is a decentralized video platform on Steem Blockchain (it means decentralized youtube). With the latest update, Dtube is now using two Blockchain networks at the same time. In other words, the videos will be broadcasted both via the network of his own creation and Steem Blockchain. It also offers different alternatives for the users. See the link for details. https://steemit.com/dtube/@dtube/dtube-0-9-doubling-up-your-rewards

Here is a different development that attracts my attention. How can platforms which operating on multiple Blockchain networks can get some benefit?

  • In this way, the project can use the different features and advantages of each network.

  • It can reach the communities that each Blockchain network has. Thus, the rate of spread to large masses increases. It is also an advantage to develop marketing strategies.

  • Can increase sustainability. And so it can minimize the risks considerably.

The most important thing for me in among these cases is Blockchain projects can reach more people. Thus, the adaptation of both projects and technology can spread rapidly. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies are now in our lives. Now it's time to discover new features on these technologies ..


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