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RE: The Ultimate Pleasure

in #dtube5 years ago

Shy? I can see a little bit of that but if you can go in front of a camera and post it on can't be too shy!! I wouldn't do it. I am very camera shy.

I think it was a fun video. We got to see some of Dan's personality, his mannerisms, his cute accent, and his beer review.

I liked the creativity of putting it the fridge and you meeting us there.

I want a beer too and I don't you did very very well :)

наздраве 🍻


Right! I wish my videos for class came out that nicely!

Наздраде, Деб! 😁 Haha, I realize now how different the cyrillic alphabet looks like compared to the Latin one :)

Anyway, hearing "I want a beer too" from someone who doesn't drink at all is the best compliment ever!

I am shy! :) But I have to admint that talking in front of a camera is much easier than talking in front of an audience. Once, I had to do a presentation in front of 100 students, and it was one of the most stressful things that I have experienced.

As always, thank you so much, Deb! I am very glad that you liked the video :)

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