My Favorite YouTuber is Fedup - So I Told Her About Dtube

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Hi Friends!

I just ran across a video that my favorite YouTuber made, titled “why do musicians “quit youtube” (will i??!?!)”. I know that a lot of people are getting frustrated with YouTube, and so I was really curious to hear what she had to say on the subject. Especially because she sticks to music and vlogging pretty exclusively and I’ve never seen her talk about YouTube itself before. Here’s the description of her video:

This is a video about how if the platform “YouTube” gets too shit to be on, I will just upload my content on another one! So basically, If you define “quitting YouTube” as stopping sharing and creating, then I will not “quit YouTube”(I might take breaks from creating tho). But if you define it as leaving the platform “YouTube” then maybe I will someday!

Here is her video:

YouTuber’s Are Looking for a New Platform

This girl (her name is Doddie) makes a full time living with YouTube. Between adds and partnerships, she relies pretty heavily on how many views her videos receive. With YouTube hiding more of her content – they are essentially demonetizing her. She made it pretty clear in the video that she is a content creator and not a YouTuber. I think this is an important distinction, because it allows her to flow easily to another platform should she choose.

Spreading the Word About Dtube

I’m (obviously) a big fan of her’s, and would hate to see her stop creating simply because of the way YouTube is treating content creators now. It seemed like a good time to let her know that there IS another way to monetize high quality content that doesn’t rely on a big company like YouTube. Because as we have seen – some corporate changes can make a huge difference in the creators income.

I didn’t want to sound too weird or salesy, so I tried to keep it pretty chill. Here is the comment I left. Not sure I hit the chill mark… but eh, what the hell?


Planting Seeds

She gets thousands of comments on her videos, so she may never see it – but you never really know. Worst case scenario, maybe I just planted a seed. She may not look into it right away – but maybe next time she hears about Dtube, she will give it another glance. She’s an awesome content creator, and it would be great to see her on here!

Let’s Talk About the Dtube Landing Page…

Big love to you Dtube… but here is what the landing page looked like when I sent her the link. All of the hot and trending videos look good – although I’m not sure she would find much content that she connects with immediately. This is constantly changing though, and so maybe there will be a different selection on the main page when she goes to look.

What really made me cringe was the “New Videos” section. “Steemit girls farting gone hot”??? Umm… that’s super embarrassing to show someone. @dtube, I would personally love it if we could get rid of the “new “ section on the landing page. You never know what will pop up, and it can be kind of off-putting if there are really scummy videos on there. Especially when I’m telling a big YouTuber about how awesome Dtube is! Maybe instead there could be two lines for trending? That way the selection of top videos that someone sees will be more varied due to six videos being featured instead of three.


Am I a Little Crazy?

Yeah… probably. I just have so much faith in the future of blockchain based content platforms and have seen first-hand how it can change lives. It makes me sad to see such incredible content producers, like her, get discouraged from doing what they love. Letting her know that there is another option, just seemed like the right thing to do. That’s really all I can do… it’s up to her to check it out and take action if she’s interested!

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video! Maybe next time you see one of your favorite content creators get discouraged… take the time to tell them about Dtube and Steemit!

XO, Lea


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I bet that youtuber is telling her followers about her favorite Dtuber right now


hahha Maybe one day!! Crazier things have happened.

I'm not much of a YouTuber myself so I've mainly been telling my friends to post their blogs on Steemit and their photos on Steepshot, both built on the Steem blockchain. It's amazing how all these services can interoperate with each other and how there's a place for every kind of content creator on Steem.

Yes the New page also sucks. Downside of censorship-resistance is that it brings challenges when blocking spammy content. Same issues plague Steemit and Steepshot.


That's a great point @erikpinos about not being able to block spammy content. I think a simple solution would be to display "trending" on the main page. Sure, it's possible that spammy content will make trending - but most of the time it will be pretty decent. With a "new" view... you really have no idea what is going to pop up.

I also agree with you that it's great there are so many ways to interact with the platform! I'm a huge fan of @steepshot for that reason. I know way more people who use instagram than create blog or video content. I think Steepshot will be a big part of mass adoption.


True, maybe "new" can stay up as a tab or a listing but not as a feed on the homepage.


Good idea!! I think keeping it as a tab is helpful, but I just don't like seeing it on the main page.

Man that's awesome! I totally agree about the landing page!

I still think it would be cool to have a few different categories on the front page! (I actually still kinda wish that's how things were curated too, but I digress, haha).

I have had people tell me how strange they think dtube is by first impressions of the main page!


I think it is SO key to keep the landing page looking professional and inviting. I think your idea for categories is a great idea! In the landing page I pictured above, two of the three trending videos were gaming videos by the same guy. If I was new here, I would see that and think Dtube was more for gamers and dudes. What they don't see, is that maybe an hour later - there could be totally different content up.

Showing top trending in different categories would give a new comer the ability to quickly glance the top videos in their desired interest and form an opinion that way.

gangster move. very nice


hahaha... the gansta life chose me, my friend.

Keep planting seeds. I'm doing the same with youtubers in facebook groups and such. More and more are hearing of it and showing interest.


That's awesome to hear!! Cool that you are also thinking about spreading the world with YouTuber's. This platform just has so much potential for content creators!

I have had a lot of problems with YouTube and so have many people on this paltform and I think it’s time to switch over now . Youtube will loose a lot of people


It really does seem like they are losing people quickly. Really stupid on their part... but it definitely opens the door for other platforms to step in!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! <3

It would be great to get Doddie on to DTube/steem - my daughter is a fan on YouTube - might encourage her to DTube.

My only hesitation with encouraging Youtubers to DTube is the fact that videos disappear from DTube after a month or so.

DTube has really got to get the permanent hosting issue sorted if it is going to play in the big league.


SUCH a great point! This is a huge deal for most content creators. I have started adding YouTube links to some of my content for that reason. I especially add it for the #steemsistershow episodes because I want to be able to archive them without keeping this big video files saved on my computer. Our episodes are usually around 20 minutes that starts to add up!

So cool that your daughter loves Doddie too. I really find her inspirational as a creator.

Woo you go girl!! Hope she replies and checks it out and that weird video isn’t still there!! 😅😅


hahah agreed! It was in the "New" section... so i'm sure it was gone moments after I took the picture.

I hope she checks out Dtube too! Having someone that big come over would be awesome for Steemit. :)

Your friend must be quite ecstatic it seems. The tube is the best right now.
Well done, you are also among the best on the community @coruscate.

I bet that youtuber is telling her followers about her favorite dtuber right now

@maxg makes some nice stats about dtube usage. You should Check it out.

And i agree dtube algorithm is Not that awesome yet


Oh cool! Thanks for the tip... i'll have to check that out. :)