Upping my Dtube Game // New Recording Space + Unboxing 2 New Pieces of Gear!

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Hello Friends!

I must be on a #onelovedtube kick today - because both of my posts have specifically revolved around Dtube! I am sooo thrilled to share some of my latest upgrades with you guys.

You may have noticed that my I film videos in different spots in my apartment and have been struggling to find the best place to film. Most of the time, I am too close to a window and struggle with lighting - even though I have some soft box lighting. My sister @maryjaney came over the other day and helped me totally re-arrange my furniture to setup the perfect filming spot in my place.

What You'll See in this Video...

Behind the scenes of my new recording space

You'll see how I have my lights setup, and where I place my tripod and mic. I also show you my favorite piece of art that acts as a backdrop! I almost feel like i'm on some kind of "Talk Show" with my new setup... it feels so professional!

Unboxing my new Gimbal device!

I went with the Smooth Q brand - but I discuss some of the research I did and why I ended up going with this model. For those of you who don't know... a gimbal is a device that allows your video footage to look ultra smooth and gives it a more cinematic feel. I'm excited to play around with filming different types of content and maybe even doing some cool live action dance videos in the future.

Side note... I'm wearing my @goldmoney-inc shirt because I'm currently working on creating some fun video content for them and I think this Gimbal is really good to take my footage to the next level!!

Ps... HUGE shoutout to @phototutorials for answering all my questions on gimbals last month when I was doing a ton of research! You were super helpful as always.

New Macbook Pro

I bit the bullet and finally bought a new Macbook Pro!! I had an older Pro that died on me last year, and so I have been using a Surface Pro 3 for my editing/uploading. This has meant that each post takes me an extra 1.5-2 hours each post because my Surface is just not setup for good video configuration. I know this sounds like first world problems, but I am literally SO stoked to have a Mac as my main computer again.

If you guys have ever seen videos from my Money Saving Hacks Series... you know that I'm one of the most frugal people you will ever meet! Sometimes though... it's worth it to invest in some good equipment.

I know this sounds like it would be a quick video... but somehow I still talk and share with you guys for almost 8 minutes! I appreciate all of you guys who take the time to watch the video as I share more on each of the topics I mentioned above.

Thanks so much for watching and I'm stoked to bring you guys even BETTER video content with my new upgrades!!

If you take anything away from this video, I hope it is that content creation is a journey. You don’t have to go out and purchase all the top equipment before you make your first video. It’s okay to start with what you have and then slowly upgrade as you are able. ♥️

xo, Lea


▶️ DTube

Nice shirt!!!!! (This is my version of “nice post.”). But seriously, nice shirt:). That gimble is going to seriously come in handy!!

Yes it will!! Thanks for making this “nice shirt” comment possible. 😉 hehe

You're going to LOOOOOOVE it :)

I remember when I got my first steadycam (we didn't have gimbals back then unless you had like $15,000 to shell out for massive CCD Digital Cameras) - it's awesome. Makes the world of a difference.

Soooo stoked!! Thanks again for all of your help when I had questions a while back. 😊

Glad this didn’t cost 15 big ones. lol

My sis is coming over tomorrow and we are going to play around with using the gimbal!

hey congrats on the new gear. i totally understand what that feeling is like! :)

Aww thanks @teamhumble!! Maybe one day I’ll hit your level and will be all decked out in awesome gear! Hehe

are you kidding me you are already passed my level! :)

Probably not in audio equipment. Bet you got me beat there. 😉

I’m getting there... slowly, but surely!

hahha ;) slowly and surely wins the race! :)

Great gear, @coruscate & @goldmoney-inc tee. :)

You just received a 50% UPVOTE from #TeamDUnite. Keep up the great content <3 Enjoy your new toys :D

Wow, thanks guys!!

wow now let's playing some gaming :p
ha ha awesome iteams :)

Hahah thanks for watching the video and picking up on that funny slip! 😜

Ha ha let's rock dear :D

Congrats on the new gimbal!! I just got one to and I'm loving it. It's going to make a world of a difference!

Ooohh fun! We can be Dtube rockstars together with our awesome gimbal footage. 👊🏻😎

Congratulations on all the new gear! That's a nice recording area set up, looks and sounds great.

Yay! Thanks my friend! I’m sooo stoked about the gimbal. Can’t wait to play around with it. 😊

If I can fit it in my bag - I’m totally bringing it to Vegas.

I'd love to see it in action in Vegas. I almost bought one for my phone but decided at the last minute just to buy a selfie stick, mainly because of size reasons. Too much gear in my camera bag already... Have fun!

omg I do that too, the uploading from iphone to dropbox and downloading to my old 2008 desktop mac that airdrop does not work on. Glad to know I'm not alone in this but happy for you that you can airdrop instantly on your new macbook pro (which my hubby also suggested I would need at some point later.. ;)
The gimbal looks fun! I can't wait to see what you have/will do with it! How much did you get it for?

Omg being able to instantly airdrop is like a dream!! I definitely don’t miss the Dropbox days😉 You will be so happy when we you are finally able to upgrade. 😊

I got the Smooth Q gimbal for a $100. The nicer brand “Osmo” was a lot more expensive... and I really debated between them. I’m sure the Osmo is nicer, but so far I’ve been really happy with mine!

Omg being able to instantly airdrop is like a dream!! I definitely don’t miss the Dropbox days😉 You will be so happy when we you are finally able to upgrade. 😊

I got the Smooth Q gimbal for a $100. The nicer brand “Osmo” was a lot more expensive... and I really debated between them. I’m sure the Osmo is nicer, but so far I’ve been really happy with mine!

So now I know what a gimbal is and what it's used for.
I can now say goodbye to Blair Witch type Videos.
I wonder if anyone will get that joke?
congrats on the gear, look forward to those vids

Well, I've tried to post a comment for 5 mins already.....
seems like Dtube is having an off day too!!!???

Dtube wouldn't let me post this comment so I used steemit instead.
There's more than one way to skin a cat.....
Why do people say that though,.....was that ever a thing?
huh,, weird.

Yeah... something has been funny in the Steemispher today. Steemit was down multiple times for me.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and leave a thoughtful response!

Wow! 3 upgrades... Way to go! The corner for filming is already quite professional to me with the two lighting, mic and sofa set. I also did buy a laptop when I first started on Steemit which my mac pro was really old too.

Hy... Your post very good... Good luck too you forever.... :- )

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