Why the World Needs DTube

in dtube •  9 months ago

Hey, did I mention that YouTube is involved in all-out warfare against independent news sources? Oh, I have? Multiple times? Well, here it is again. If you only get my info from ThemTube, please do check out the ThemTube alternatives out there.

SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=26227

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I have recently recorded me being censored in youtube comments AND facebook comments (plus my own social network was delisted from google index illegally too) - you can see the video here:


I went with PooTube :)



I like 'LubeTube' because that's what you're gonna need as they shove their censorship agenda up you arse! 'DeadTube' might work as well since their death is imminent.


haha.. I am going to guess that Lubetube is already trademarked somewhere.. :)


is bitchut also rewarding?

R.I.P. Youtube.. Long live STEEMIT!!!


That's insane! You can get banned just for saying "false flag" in any context? That is creepy. That kind of censorship implies a powerful entity with control over ThemTube is trying to cover something up or has evil plans for the future. I would guess the latter.

they change their algorithm to favor big players and their censorship plan is killing free speech, that is why dtube is become the platform of small indipendent producers

Awesome dtube post

I lost 2 Channels in a matter of hours James. Everyone is being scrubbed from Jootube... You can't question anything...

The war on YouTube has certainly stepped up a gear. So sad to see such a constantly growing body of evidence against free speech!

RIP themtube

One of best things came this year Dtube that has alot of interresting videos and it gonna have a bright futur for sure

Great post and video. First time I have seen you. And very impressed. Your voice is amazing. And what you say is also very impressive. I totally agree with your point that Youtube is now Themtube.

This is what happens when a centralized 'government like' entity gets too big for its britches.

Again, thank you

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We're all very glad @corbettreport is here on steemit.com/D-Tube. When you post here you give us...the little people...an opportunity the financialy benifit from your already very benificial videos & blogs. This has ment so much to a guy like me who, with help from guys like you (@corbettreport), are begining to build on this platform & are making a real difference to our families with extra income. That's on top of the difference the information you put out here makes to our families. So a heartfelt "thank you James" from my family to yours. Building a better tomorrow today (L.O.L.)

Thats why my YT Channel is now secondary/dormant ...

This sounds very amazing, bye bye centralized YouTube! :D

I fefinitely agree with you... Dtube is important now days.

dtube is a really big step forward

Youtube absolutely shredded my dreams when they demonitzed me. DTUBE FOR LIFE!


Same, man. I had almost 100 dollars in my Adsense account that I'll never get now. Screw YouTube.

RIP themtube

I know this is kind of looked down, but I would love it if people could come by my channel to check out my content (recently made a fortnite montage that I'm proud of, despite it being extremely amateur); fair bit of gaming videos! It would mean the world to me for my channel to expand even just a bit on dtube! Have a great day guys :)

i totally agree with you !! D TUBE is important in this moment !!! #reesteem

YouTube is a scsm anymore they only want to pay the top 1% and have the other 99% carry youtube on its back like slaves.

I Sucessfully Resteemed This, your Post Deserves More Attention 🚀.Good Job🙌

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No better time than right now!

Yes I would agree with you that YouTube sorry there's time is come and gone. I am someone who loves the blockchain for one thing- for it's decentralisation. But I must tell you that though I understand that dtube is still at it's birth stage which I believe is going to be surpassing themtube but at tge same time we need to step up our games.

Today I must say that I got disappointed when for several hours tried uploading my videos and all to no avail and I reluctantly used themtube to help myself. I was not happy at all I must tell you.


I think if we must make decentralisation work then there has to be a step up so that we on the blockchain who have accepted that decentralisation will enjoy it at the same bringing more people to adopt too.

I love your video and thank you for throwing more light on YouTube sorry themtube and how dtube can replace it for decentralisation.


I agree with that, so I think especially if you are a content creator here on D-tube, that people need to seriously consider renting a VPS or set up a home Linux server and host an IPFS server to help store and stream videos. Although it is possible to do this on your pc, it isn't ideal as pc's don't tend to stay on 24/7. IF videos are unavailable because your server is offline, it doesn't help anyone and it just adds to the image that D-tube isn't mature enough or a serious contender. I am looking into adding IPFS to my Linux server.

Themtube is definately intensifying they attack on people who think for themselves. But as you stated there are ways around their dirty games. I used to spend a decent amount of time cruising themtube videos, now I couldn't tell you the last time I was on their site. Keep fighting the good fight.

Wow corbett report is on Dtube. That sounds fun. I am used to watching your videos on youtube. It will be interesting to watching you here on steemit.

I am also a youtuber. I think youtube should now officially name itself as kidstube or babysittertube. Apart from cat videos and makeup videos everything else is getting demonetised on videos. Even history and socio-political videos are also getting demonetised.

It's amazing post...thanks for sharing sir@corbettreport...

very nice view over looking steemian family very good post

Thanks for that warning I was thinking about uploading videos soon but if that’s going on I’ll just stick to Dtube.

Great Work Mr. Corbett I resteemed it




DTube is the way to go that what I will be using now as well.

Just an FYI
Some else is posting your video

I followed you on YT, Vidme and now Dtube. I post music videos myself and prefer YT's superior image and sound quality, so not deleting my channel just yet, just not taking their "news", I'll get that here.

This is one of those topics that we need to keep banging into everyone's brain. Inertia is a ridiculously powerful force and people will resist change at every opportunity even to their own detriment. Sure, Dtube is still in its infancy and isn't nearly as easy to use or as comprehensively built as Youtube. Fine, such is the nature of new technology. It is important (as the adopting users of the tech) to provide feedback to the team so that Dtube is improved and to prioritize its usage since (and the usage of other Youtube alternatives) so that we can actually promote the tools that provide social good. If the people (assumedly "us") who are aware of the need for alternative, decentralized, censor-free technologies don't push them forward, who will? Certainly not the big corporations as they are only interested in pleasing their shareholders and politician customers.

I'm moving on over here for content as much as possible. I can't believe the US is becoming what we used to hate about communist Russia.

Yes. give me a thumbs up. Yes, Agreed.

I just joined the steemit and dtube community due to all of my lost subscriptions. I can't wait for all of those channels to get onto this platform. The censorship we are experience today is complete nonsense.

Last year, craptube, I mean YouTube, suspended my gaming channel when I did nothing wrong. If YouTube can suspend your channel over something minor or for no reason, then people most likely will flee YouTube and come to Dtube/Steemit

DTube is one of the best things I've bumped into. I remember the good old days when advertiser where as scares a warmth in Iceland.

Shoutout for the dope clip @corbettreport..

I'm so done with ThemTube. As a content creator, the last few years have brought me nothing but sadness and frustration.

Glad to find you on DTube!

The future for free speech is definitely not on proprietary platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Decentralized, open source, and on the block-chain is the way forward.

why is every pro dtube video trending?

I have hope for DTube, though some of the videos don't play, others won't show up - something smells fishy..

For some reason I can not get on D tube with my iPad?
Love your content and am so glad there are other platforms to be able to see it on. The censorship is out of control and maybe we need to hit YouTube in the wallet and start with their advertisers.

Greetings from Poland ! :D
You're right

hello guys follow me

You can use torrents to let users save video files to their drive, its much cheaper for you.

You can use torrents to let users save video files to their drive, its much cheaper for you.

I'm thinking of starting my own channel with content meant for an appropriate audience, was going to go the youtube route, but glad to know there are alternatives available in which I would be responsible to the community and not to the desires and whims of the corporatocracy.