Solutions: Turn Off Your TV

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A public service announcement from The military-industrial-corporate-financial-intelligence-entertainment complex spends zillions of dollars every year creating predictive programming for you to consume...and you can foil their plans by clicking one little button.
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What TV? I've looked all around the house, I couldn't find one!



I have one, but I never watch it. It is occasionally used to rent a movie. That's it. My mother called them "boob tubes" because they turn people into boobs (stupid people).


"boob tubes"

lol, even if you use boobs in a different sense... it still works!

Excellent post, James. It's a shame that so many people consciously choose to subscribe and pay for their brainwashing propaganda. Television puts the mind into an alpha state and I have seen people actually choose to veg out in front of the television because of their favorite program airing instead of deciding to spend time with loved ones conversing. I honestly think these machines, television, cell phones and the like have replaced human face - to - face interaction.

I quit TV in 2000, when I realized my kids were drowning their intellects in it.

While their initial sincere hatred of me was disconcerting, they have come to appreciate the transformation they underwent, from eyeballs on the sofa, to readers able to imagine the implied constructs of authors.

Nothing has more beneficially impacted their lives that I can claim any credit for.

Minds are a terrible thing to turn off. Television is far more terrible, and parents really have a choice: turn off the TV, or turn off their kid's minds.


Reading books is a much greater way to expand one's mind instead of being fed propaganda.

I m.u.s.t your attempt to de-program me.

I look at a TV series as a book and yes i see the manipulation with in however I watch commercial free and only as a fictionally created story .
This being said I am a super happy active person i play lot's of sports and do lot's of stuff with my kids
I mainly watch youtube and steemit D tube for learning purposes so I won't be stopping any time soon as I don't want to be a mindless nose picker .

I haven't watched t.v. since 1990, and haven't regretted it since. When I am somewhere where there is a t.v. on and no one is watching it, I will ask if they mind if I turn off the t.v. Luckily, no one has ever insisted that I leave it on. :-)

I much more enjoy researching actual history, and the mental/physical connections of experience, rather than broadcasted fantasy. For a getaway, however, I also enjoy metaphorical or satirical context within a fictional setting of production, on occasion.

I put my TV off, already 5 years ago back... and I not want it more . :(


Just turn you TV into a display for your PC #recycling


Sorry but now...

I prefer to search for information myself and choose what I want to see.

I hope your day is good . Thank you.


I already turned my TV off five years ago, too!
Looking back to those days I remember not wanting it then, either.


First stop on the path of waking up, throwing away your TV.

Spot on @corbettreport. Throw the set in 2011. Never again.

I logged into dtube and saw a corbettreport video - wow! I was surprised, good to see you here! We're among good company. Do you think you'll mention steemit on your youtube videos in the future? I usually watch on there and didn't know you were on here. I'm sure you could get a lot of your subscribers to join steemit if you shout it out. Cheers, James! Take care!! <3 from TX.

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I've gotten to the point where I rarely watch T.V. anyway. Fortunately, there's really not hardly anything on these days that I want to watch. Plus, the internet is way better because you have far greater choice over what you can watch.

I try and watch the tube but the constant propaganda pushing fraud charities like the Red Cross or pushing moronic warmongering patriotism get so old. It's a constant stream of shit. I just want to watch a football game.


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thanks for the solution for turning off my TV. it a waste of time and resoures.

I really do not understand bashing off all sort of things we have available. TV is a content channel as so many others. Regardless who programs the content, you can choose to only watch that content on TV that you like, or want to see. Since we have a choice, I don't understand why content moderators that may bring their own agenda, are wrong. In the end, it is all about choice. I can tell you that I never follow an agenda of the media since I choose to watch those movies, series and other programs that I like, regardless of the channel, TV, YouTube, DTube, newspaper, magazine or whatever.

I still like to watch professional sports, which unfortunately is tightly controlled by crony broadcasting companies. If you try to subscribe to streaming service they will black out games if your IP is from the region where it is airing on the cable networks. I know there are ways to proxy or VPN your IP but I just want to keep it simple.

I use mine to watch and netflix.. lol, then I turn the power off rather than leave their spy cameras on. Upvoting and resteeming

I got 2 TVs in my Room - both only used for PlayStation/Airplay. Since they switched to DVBT2 here in Germany im not able to receive TV anymore - good for me i have never used this possibility.
Why watch TV when theres Larken Rose, WeAreChange and Corbett Report on YouTube?

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