Get Upvotes and upto 11k delegation from @nathanmars

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There are simple steps to get upvotes and upto 11k delegation from @nathanmars .
1)First of all you should have 300sp in your wallet to be member of the 777 project.

  1. To get upvotes share your comments on twitter by putting hashtag #steem (The comments must be authentic)

Hustle hard for steem on twitter and get upto 11 k delegation from @nathanmars. Here is the link of original post

Thanks to @nuthman and @nathanmars.

▶️ DTube

Thank you for crowdsourcing in the update, the truth is the more crowdsourcing of the updates, the more we can get people engaging more on contents everywhere on

Engagement is a key.
Thanks for coming around.

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@coolguy222, That's great reminder brother who're not work harder on Twitter hustle for promote #Steem tag.

We need to aware the world about steem and twitter is the best tool for it.

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I don't get the share a comment part. So if I comment on a post, I should share that comment on twitter? I feel some type of way about that though.

I thought if we comment on a post, we should share the post (as I understand content to mean) on Twitter. What do you mean sone type of way? Thoughts?

I think the attention should be on the content creator not the content consumer. Well, I cannot decide what Nathan does with his upvotes. But I think this might lead to the issue we were trying to avoid with the zapp three comments thing--fake comments. But I do see the need to encourage people to engage more. I shared my thoughts on this in yesterday's update.

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There is a possibility that its for avoiding fake comments but its a part of twitter campaign.

I agree with your thoughts about the content creator. Ideally, there should be balance between rewarding the creator and genuine commenters. But as you say so, it's totally Nathan's discretion. Since he is still forming up his project, maybe he will see the importance and reconsider somewhere along the project phase.


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You need to share the post link on which you commented.
Just put hashtag #steem when posting on twitter and @nathanmars will find your comment.

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How i can share my comments from steemit to twitter ?

You just need to share the post link on twitter with hashtag #steem. And nathan will find your comment .

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Thank you :)

Thank you. Can i add a post too with #steem ?

You can , but As per saying by nathan , only authentic and genuine comments will be upvoted.

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Que bueno de verdad, no sabía o no tenía clara las reglas y son muy simples. Ya estaré intentandolo... por otro lado felicitaciones amigo y saludos desde Venezuela.

@demondantv more instructions here, @paramimd

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Thanks a lot but I have just about 40sp and it took me about a whole year to get that. Just saying I can't get 300sp in one month. Thanks again @melissaofficial

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