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RE: DTube 0.3: This update contains so many new features I could not find a good title for it

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So you're issue is not knowing if the video is still uploading. Fair does it now that makes sense. Technically you could figure it out for your own as you just go to Task Manager or Wire Shark, check the Ethernet connectivity and see if there is a high upload usage. If not, it's pretty evident that something has happened.

For me, a progress indicator will give clarity if the upload is happening however you're problem is not clarity but rather that the upload might not work. This therefore means we need a way to prove over and over again that DTube doesn't have upload errors anymore.


I need clarity. When I look in my upload window after four hours and the circle is still spinning and there is no indication that anything is going on then I either continuewaiting or I give up. And even with my slow connection it shouldn't take that long.

then more better you change your internet provider to the fast one cause it not Dtube problem if you using a slow internet access.
your neighbour,

I live in Costa Rica and I use the fastest internet available to me. I would literally pay a fortune for good internet but it is not possible here. There are fiber connections coming to this country but only if you live in a major city. And yes, it IS DTube's problem because they loose money for not offering a loading bar. So obviously you are not my neighbour or you would suffer from the same slow connection.

Ah @flauwy I feel you pain, we have the same problem, in the same boat here on South Africa. Some areas are on fiber optic and flying the rest of us just sit and watch spinning circles.

I am feeling y'alls pain as well! I am in Gun Barrel City, Texas and it is a small city southeast of Dallas about an hour and half. I am just thankful for what I do have. It sure beats the days of dial up. I slow myself down by having 10 or so tabs open at once. Ms. Joan isn't it kind of strange that you mention fiber optics and not satellites? Also, they keep adding cell towers and fiber optic. Just makes me wonder why we aren't using the satellites that are supposed to be up there?

Yeah, it is a slow development. But rest assured that in a few years we all walk through 5G radiation wherever we go and speed is the last thing we worry about.

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