The best 5 features I like in DTUBE !

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I'm really enjoying the new updated dtube and in the video I shared the best features I like in it.

The first one is related to ''Related videos''. lol

So, as dtubers now we will have free promotion and dtube will suggest our videos to others. So, more people will watch our videos and we may get more rewards. The related page could suggest videos by topic, or just show other our videos to the audiance, so we will have more engagement on our videos. ☺

The second feature is ''Trending videos''.

So, now the trending videos are not related to steem rewards we are having, but to the amount of dtube coin you earn from a video. So, no one will be able to make his video trading just by buying votes, but each dtuber is motivated now to grow his followers and to support them, so he will earn more dtube coins back to be always trading. That's motivating all of us to support other dtubers, to save our coins and of course to make more videos.

The third feature is ''Addind your youtube ( and other video hosting platform ) links'' :

This feature is really interesting because you can add a video from any social media to @dtube now. First of all, that will save the space of the platform. Also, that will make it promoted in all social media and the most important thing that the videos will not be deleted. So, our videos now will be hosted for ever and will not need to pay to host them.

The fourth feature is ''Adding tag''.

We are able now to add a tag to each video we watch, so videos will be tagged by others and you will understand what your videos are associated with. Also the search engine is working very well, so you can find videos related to any topics you want.

The fifth feature is ''The upvote potential'' :

Now we can give the maximum upvote in by choosing 100% voting power. That means that we can give the maximum that we can to others without worring about our voting power. I will try to explain what I mean by comparing that to steem. For example in steem we have to upvote every 2 hours to give 100% upvote. Let's suppose that our upvote is 0.01 and per day we can give about 15 upvotes with 100%, so we will need to upvote each 2 hours to give 0.15 upvote per day. But in dtube we can give that once a day and that's what I understand so far.

Also the voting power seems growing for ever and we can get dtube coins all the time and we will not be restricted from earning after 7 days. I'm not sure about that, but I think it's the case, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks a lot for @heimindanger and the team for such awesome update. ☺

The new dtube is really awesome and I think dtube coin has a bright future.

Enjoy being a dtuber. :)

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Thanks for sharing. As a new I am still figuring out the features.
I am not sure about the voting on dtube. If we give 100% continuously it may not affect much on our dtube voting power, but our steemit voting power is gonna drain away. If I am not getting it wrong. Right?

You're very welcome. I'm not sure about the voting power on dtube as well. Still waiting for someone to confirm what I wrote. But if we give 100% in dtube it will go to 0, so if you want to vote in dtube more than one content, don't use 100%. About steemit we have to give a lot of 100% to drain it away, in dtube it drains away from one 100%.

love your enthusiasm. Great effort. come and see me

Thanks. But I don't advice you to send links in comments to people here. You may be flagged because of that. Just write good comments without asking anything.

Thank you. A newbie mistake. :)

Yes the new update is great. 👍🏽

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I'm glad you also like it. :)