DCooperation - Meet @itharagaian ☺► Dtube Collaboration #26 ◄ MY FIRST FRENCH INTERVIEW

in dtube •  last year  (edited)

In this video I interviewed @itharagaian , he is very active steem user. He is at the same time content creator and he supports https://busy.org . This is his website, so you can take a look : http://www.itharagaian.net .

He is also working on a game linked to steem blockchain that is called @steem.mafia . You can take a look at the website here : http://steemmafia.mafiacontrol.com/en/

You can take a look at this projects where he works as well : @cleanplanet and @cercle .

It's my first interview in French on @dtube , I will try to make more interviews in French and other languages like Russian and Arabic. Let https://d.tube/ be more international. ☺

Dans ce video j'ai nterviewé monsieur @itharagaian , il est tres active steem utilisateur. Il est à la fois créateur de contenu et il soutient https://busy.org . C'est son site web, donc vous pouvez jeter un oeil: http://www.itharagaian.net .

Il travaille également sur un jeu lié a Steem Blockchain qui est appelé @steem.mafia . Vous pouvez jeter un oeil sur le site ici : http://steemmafia.mafiacontrol.com/en/

Il travaille aussi sur ces deux projets : @cleanplanet et @cercle .

C'est mon premier interview en français, alors si vous voulez participer, s'il te plais contact moi dans les commentaires. ☺

J'ai meme un video ou je fais la promotion de steemit à youtube ( c'était créés il y a un an ) :

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Important ? naaaah lol just a user like many others :)
I sent edit requests on discord :)

Thx for interview, was funny

You are very welcome, that was my opinion, anything related to steem or steem apps I think is important. Because without those developers and people who support those projects steem will not be that hige, but it is. Thanks for your participation in @dcooperation . ☺

Thank you for mention :)

You are very welcome. ☺

Je regarde l'interview des que possible ;-) !

C'est bien, j'espère que tu l'aimeras. ☺