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I watch yesterday @exyle and he said in his video that the content of steemians is not bringing value and I want to talk about this topic.

If we talk about youtube they are a very successful company and if we see how they started, mostly from cats and babies videos. And still some people there are recording such funny videos and having millions of views.

Those who record very serious topics, it's even harder for them to go somewhere and to grow on youtube. It's mostly for fun. Maybe that's true and we need more fun to make steem great.

Are those long posts helping us ? How many serious videos I've watched from steemians in @dtube, are they briging value ?

Maybe we should just take it easy and just have fun here ?

Anyway, most of my thoughts are in the video.

I'm recording videos everyday on youtube to promote and steem, that's the value I'm trying to bring.

Most steemians are also doing their best to bring value to the blockchain.

Maybe we should try even harder, I don't know.

Enjoy watching the video. ☺

Thanks to @hafizullah and @yousafharoonkhan for showing their interest in the idea of recording videos everyday.

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

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Yes we need some fun here as well as keeping the in depth stuff.

Of course, especially with the price and everything. We are not at university after all. lol

I think the idea of adding value is a good one, but I also am finding it rather preventative in terms of doing a daily video. Sometimes I would like to just come on to DTube and say hello to my friends or even do a response video to what my friends and other Steemians are uploading.

But I try to at least have some either entertaining value or some information showing something cool.

That's great.

  ·  last month (edited)

You missed the point of what I was trying to say or more likely I was just not good enough in explaining it properly.

The value is in the tens of thousands of viewers, it's not in the content.

The content can be crap/good/serious/funny but if it attracts tens of thousands of viewers it's fantastic content for whatever platform hosts the content.

Because viewers/readers can generate revenue for the platform the creator is on.

Another example:

You can write the best book the world has ever seen, but if you can't make anyone want to read it it will never generate value but it doesn't mean the content is not good. It's just hard to monetize.

That's a good point. I'm thinking now about how to bring readers to steem, I think we have good content here as well if we look deaper. Not in trending and hot pages, but a content from steemians who are doing their best. That's why I like @steempress.

I think also that not only the revenue is important, but the traffic as well.

A lot of steemians are doing their best to bring more traffic to steem and that's important as well.