Let's get steem as a trading coin in coinbase !

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After reading the post of @runicar about adding steem to coinbase, I decided to make this video and write this post.

It's a call for every steemian to help us to list steem in coinbase.

If steem will be listed in coinbase as a trading coin, a lot of investors will invest in it and it will create more trust in steem in all the crypto market.

We are already making steem popular in twitter, but using the hashtag and doing a lot of stuff with @nathanmars campaign, but we can do more than that.

Here are all the things you can do to make coinbase add steem :

Source: Let's Get STEEM on Coinbase - Bounty For Participants

Here is the tweet I created about that :

Follow me in twitter here : https://twitter.com/Clixmoney1

If you want to participate in such initiatives, always follow : @oracle-d and @theycallmedan. You even maybe rewarded for such tasks.

Also you may find such tasks as well from @thejohalfiles in twitter : https://twitter.com/thejohalfiles

Thanks for attention.

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Great video @clixmoney and I must say that I loved your tweet about the listing and the reasons you mentioned to why Coinbase should list Steem on their exchange.

Thank you for participating!


You'r very welcome, thanks a lot for this initiative. I'm glad you like my tweet. ☺

This is a massive video my friend, because obviously it Will help in the coinbase twitter attempt to prospectively list #steem really, and I'm glad we can assist as well as take part in this task, I'm sharing it on twitter now to raise more audience, thanks for doing this really.


You'r very welcome. Steem to the moon. ☺

It would be HUGE to get on there. The Founder I read is a newly minted Billioniare
Appreciate the tips to help get us listed there


You'r welcome. I'm almost sure they will add it very soon. ☺

Thanks @Clixmoney for the alert!


You'r very welcome. :)

Potential of steem is so big it will take some time for some people to see it! It will happen sooner or later ;)

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Of course, w have so many interesting things here. I'm glad you see that potential. ☺