DCooperation - Meet @scottcbusiness - A steem witness ► Dtube Collaboration #36 ◄

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I'm so excited to share with you this interview, because I interviewed a steem witness for the first time.

Witnesses are very important in steem blockchain, and you have to vote on them. At least 30 witnesses should be choosed and voted on here : https://steemit.com/~witnesses

So in that list you see the top witnesses , but below you can choose any one and vote on him, watch the video on @dtube and decide, if you like @scottcbusiness vote on him.

So, @scottcbusiness is a very active steem user and a witness at the same time. He is a powerful internet marketer. And very good dtuber. In his videos you can learn a lot about steem blockchain and social media marketing as well. He also supports @Easydex and @Fundition .

His best tips is to try post for passion not for profit !

We talked also a lot of witness, so if you want to learn more about them, watch the video. ☺

You are always welcome to join @dcooperation.

You can also support our initiative to watch our video and comment it on youtube to make the video trending on youtube to promote @dtube and steem blockchain there.

Here is our amazing video :

You can also resteem the post with our video in @dcooperation account, it's to support our communty, all the earning from that video will go to power up our account to upvote more dtube's videos.


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WOW. 23 minutes!! You guys really must have covered alot. I will have to revisit this when I am settled. I actually met @scottbusiness through his facebook group community and it had a lot of information for newbies, I must say it was a great help towards my Journey! Great Job you two!

Yeah, we talked about a lot of importnant things related to steem blockchain. @scottcbusiness is really an amazing person, I knew that right after he joined steem, because I had a big facebook group and he contacted all the admins of the group and tried to cross them. It's nice when someone new learn everything and start to aply what he learned. This is the power of learning. ☺

Thanks and glad you found value in it :)

Hello friends, good news for all conmunity, a hug from Venezuela.

Thanks, you are very welcome.

Really awesome interview, thanks for having me! Sharing on all my social platforms :)

Amazing, thanks. :)