DCooperation - Meet @flauwy ☺► Dtube Collaboration #13 ◄

in dtube •  last year  (edited)

In this video I interviewed @flauwy , he is a dolphin in steemit. So this video is the longest one and the most valuable, he has also been on steem blockchain for more than one year, just like me. ☺

The video was really useful because the guy shared so many interesting things about growing on steem blockchain and on dtube as well.

The things that we talked about with @flauwy are :

  • The importance of being on steem blockchain.
  • Platforms like @busy, @dlive, @dsound and others.
  • He is also building an interesting project related to curation.
  • The opportunities that we will have in the future, like ''Smart Media Tokens'' and ''Appics''.

And we talked about much, much more, I can't share all the speech, I think you just have to watch the video.

He also shared his amazing skills and the most interesting is making very nice animations, that's why I introduce him my good friend @overkillcoin , but he seems to know him as well. ☺

I felt that steem is a little town where we all know each other.

It was like a dream for me talking with dolphin, I still hope that I can be a whale in the future. ☺

Be positive and never give up, whatever happens. ☺


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What a great interview you both ! Awsome mass of informations :D

thanks, yeah, that guy is so powerful, we can learn a lot from him.

It was fun doing this interview with you. :)

Thanks, I hope we will do more, because I really want to learn from you. ☺

Sorry that I downvoted I was trying to upvote from d.tube and then I clicked it on accident! Sorry!

Yo wasaup? I noticed that your are informative with learning all sorts of crypto related things. Also, you are an animation master! I would really appreciate it if you could help me animate a bit. wadda ya say?

Just register in this website and you can make any animations there : https://www.animaker.com/

Thanks! I really needed a actual animation software! I can never make a decent animation unless it is a movie. Thank you so much!

Thanks for the kind words. I am not really good with classic animation. I couldn't animate a lower third for example. I am specialized on animating puppets. I guess I could show you but it is a long and expensive process to get your own puppet up and running and you need a Creative Cloud subscription.

Thats perfect! I don't know any puppet animating. So, that would be great. But, I would like to learn how to draw better. How about we chat @ [email protected]