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DCooperation - Meet @cryptospa ☺ ► Dtube Collaboration #32 ◄

in dtube •  2 months ago

In this video I interviewed @cryptospa , he is a nice guy from Bulgaria who lives in Moscow. I already met him after meeting @steemcafe here in the Russian south in Rostov-on-Don.

It's interesting that I interviewed @steemcafe and after that I met him. But with @cryptospa the opposite happened, I met him and after that I interviewed him. ☺

He is new on @dtube , so feel free to follow him to support, he is a good crypto analyst and he will make very interesting cryptocurrency market analysis.

Thanks for watching. ☺

You are always welcome to participate in such @dcooperation .

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Woow!!! Nice to see you both guys again!!!👍👍


You are very welcome, I hope to see you as well in such interview. ☺


For sure will see us in @DCoopeartion and live in Rostov on Don!


Amazing. ☺

@clixmoney, thank you very much for interviewing me! It was really a pleasure to participate in one of the @DCooperation interviews!


You are very welcome, it's a honor for me to interview you as well, see you more. ☺