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DCooperation - Meet @bobaphet ☺► Dtube Collaboration #25 ◄

in dtube •  2 months ago

In this video I interviewed @bobaphet from Australia, he is very active on @dtube .

He is doing very interesting podcasts that is called ''The D-Files'' with @eftnow .

You just have to follow such amazing people because you can learn a lot from that.

You are all welcome in @dcooperation community. ☺


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very interesting! Are you familiar with Ubuntu Contributionism and the work of Michael Tellinger in South Africa @bobaphet?!

Very good interview! I already follow @bobaphet. He is an awakened individual.


Thanks for watching, yeah, he talked about a lot of important things. I'm glad you like it. ☺

Congrats to you for getting chance to take interview of @bobaphet, it is really a great interview on @dtube.
He is working hard to learn and share information about this new platform. there is no any doubt that @dtube is next generation of YouTube

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Thanks for the comment, dtube it already better than youtube. ☺