My funniest video about Steem !

in dtube •  19 days ago  (edited)

It's one of my funniest video about steem !

It's really crazy. lol

Have fun watching it !

I took the idea from a Russian advertisement video here :

My wife @steemitbaby was shocked seeing me recording it. lol

I wish steem price will really go $7 !

I guess @nathanmars will like it and all of you guys !

It's really the craziest video I ever recorded. ))))

Who knows, maybe this video will go viral in youtube and it will help us promote steem. lol

Enjoy. ☺

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LMAO Nice video bro! I hope the very end of your video is right, $7 steem... that'd be sweet!.. The technology and innovation is finally getting there, but the speculation for this blockchain is at an all time low.. I honestly feel like it should be at least be equal to EOS especially if you look at state of the dapps.. If people weren't so stupid it would prolly be closer to etherium, or even higher than that cuz it's so much better in every way!

Yeah, I still don't understand why the price is so low with all the innovations that we have. Maybe people are not sure to put money in it because it's very proof of stake ? Maybe we should support the brain more ?

I think one of the problems is steemit inc dropped the ball on innovation for a long time.. They were making empty promises for SMTs since before i joined steemit 2 years ago and they still havent come through on that, without @steem-engine we wouldnt even have any tokens at all. In fact most all the technology and innovation that makes steem so great now is pretty much all done by members of the community, not steemit inc. Which is impressive for the community but sad for the company itself. All the DApps that make steem so great are not built by steemit inc but by steemians...

But eventually it will happen, it will just take more time unfortunately.. im guessing it will shine in the next bull run..

We can't blame only steemit in everything. We are as steemians also have the responsibility to improve steem. If we keep worshing whales and not appriciating quality content and quality content creators it will keep dropping. We have to change a lot in ourselves what will help all steem to change and be interesting to others. When people join, they feel that we are too running after that stake and not caring that much about newcomers. I think newcomers should be the priority to comment and to support, but not whales who are doing already great. I'm afraid that it's too late to change that and after the price dropped so much, people who stay here they will just worship even more.

I wish of course all the best for steem, but this is how I see it now. We have to value people, not money.

Haha :D I hope this will be true. Not about 0.01 $ :D but 7$ .

Nice video :)

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Thanks a lot. I'm glad you watched the video. About the price, I don't know my friend. They should improve a lot in steem to make the price go $7.

Not even sure which I would like to see more, $7, or $0.07.
At 7 cnt I would go crazy buying more.

Much much MORE

That's great. Maybe everyone is waiting for that.

I'm glad you trust in steem. I'm seeing you the future whale.

hahaha. nice.


Would you believe me? I laughed out really hard on this. I saw this three times and it's really funny. How do you get that idea?

haha, I'm crazy and sometimes I got just crazy ideas, check in steemit how I got that idea. Also if you want, you can react on the video here :

I have even the reaction of my wife and baby there ! lol ☺

Oh! You made me watch this another several times. 🤣🤣

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haha. ☺