DCooperation - Meet @vjjoe ☺► Dtube Collaboration #21 ◄

in dtube •  7 months ago

In this video I interviewed a very positive guy @vjjoe from India.

You can watch his recent video here, it's really funny : https://d.tube/#!/v/vjjoe/obxk7adb

Follow @vjjoe for more positivity.


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es importante la cooperacion y mas aqui gracias por compartir


de nada ☺

Good collaboration, i like it, terimakasih telah berbagi pengalaman dan idea thank you so much

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Thanks, but steemit is not about asking upvotes, please remove the other comment with the link or I will flag it !


Oh okay thank you so much for your input i will remove it

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Hi.., i like and anjoyed your video, thank for sharing.

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