DCooperation - Meet @cgbartow ☺► Dtube Collaboration #24 ◄

in dtube •  last year  (edited)

In this video, I interviewed the creator of Community Growth Project @cgbartow . He is doing really great thing for steem blockchain communities by promoting them for free.

So if you have a community on steem blockchain, you have just to contact him and to join the project. First of all take a look at the website and register there : https://cgp.life/ , take a look at their main account and read their goals : @cgp .

Watch the video also to understand more about the idea and how the future of this can be huge.

As always, thanks for watching, you are welcome to our @dcoooperation project. ☺


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@clixmoney @dcooperation, Thank you for having me as a part of you community and thank you for giving me the chance to express what the @CGP #communitygrowthproject movement is all about.

You are very welcome, you are very useful to our blockchain, thanks for your hard work as well. ☺

This was a great interview and I learn a lot and it was very informative i liked and resteem what u are doing is very huge for the blockchain with these interviews

You are very welcome, thanks for the nice comment.

@clixmoney great interview. I know @cgbartow well and he is a great guy. He does a lot for the community and The Community Growth Project is a great place to be!

I'm glad you like the interview and I'm happy to find more and more interesting people here. ☺