The RUD of DCooperation - Report #1

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I'm the founder of @dcooperation and I want to share this report.

I will call this the RUD of DCooperation. ''The Ratio of Upvotes depending on Delegations''

Recently we've had the biggest delegation from @nathanmars. So, he is delegating to us more than 11,000 steem power. I unclude my power because I use it to upvote our members. I also always delegate all my power to @dcooperation.

But @nathanmars now is not creating a lot of content and I decided to not upvote myself a lot and I'm delegating more than 1700 SP. Also we have 500 steem power from @holgerwerner and he is not active. We also have our biggest supporter @cryptospa with 700 SP who told me to upvote more others than him. So we will have in total about 15,000 SP not used a lot by bigger delegaters, but distributed fairly between other delegators who are delegating only about 16% of the total power of @dcooperation and it's only about 3000 now.

Anyone who is delegating to us should be upvoted by @dcooperation , even those who are creating videos for us, because all the earning from their videos we use to power up to upvote everybody. Also anyone who is creating videos for us should be in this list during 14 days :

If you are creating videos for @dcooperation , it's a kind of free promotion by an active community as well. So, that counts as well.

Anyone who is delegating any amount should be in this list unless he/she is not creating @dtube videos, because we upvote only dtube's.

The amount of upvotes is showen in the two lists. Now every delegator has more percent than he/she delegated because of non used 15,000 sp by the bigger delegators.

Our total power is 18,000 SP. So if you want to check that you have a fair amount of upvotes, you can count your ration using this formula.

Ratio = Your delegation x 100 / 18000

If the ratio is more than the amount of the upvotes let me know about that in discord and I will take care of that. But for now I see that the most have better amount of upvotes than their ratio of delegation.

So, please if your amount of upvotes in % in the chart is more than your ratio of delegation, don't ask me for upvotes ! All the upvotes are made manually and I have to focus to make it fair enough to everyone !

I will even take my time to count the RUD of everyone in 7 days. Here it is :

DelegatorsSteem power delegatedRatio of delegationAmount of upvotes received

The tool used to check delegations is this: , created by @justyy , it's a witness I vote for.

To vote for witnesses go here :

Wintesses I'm voting for are :
@adsactly-witness , @aggroed , @anyx , @arcange , @ausbitbank , @blockbrothers ,
@blocktrades , @brandonfrye , @curie , @drakos , @firepower , @fyrst-witness , @good-karma , @gtg , @helpie , @jesta , @justyy , @krnel , @mahdiyari , @pharesim ,@roelandp , @scottcbusiness , @steemgigs , @steemitboard , @stoodkev , @teamsteem , @themarkymark , @timcliff , @utopian-io .

So, as you see most people are getting more than their ratio of delegation. And those who are getting less, that means that they are not creating videos at all, or not delegating a lot.

So, please never ask me for an upvote if your ratio is lower than the amount of upvotes received. ( Or your amount of upvotes is higher than the ratio of delegation ).

You have to understand that I'm trying to make it fair and the upvotes are completely manual.

But even me I can make mistakes and if the ratio of delegation is more than the amount of the upvote, feel free to contact me and tell me about that.

I also plan to create a channel where people can claim for an upvote if they are creating for us videos and they are not in the list of 14 days, because I can't track everything.

We should all understand that's a community and we all grow together and support each other, some people are even sacrifice themselfs to give more to others !

Thanks for reading and watching and understanding.

Keep dtubing and everything will be ok. ☺

You are also always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

You can also support our initiative to watch and comment and like our video on youtube to make it trending on youtube to promote @dtube and steem blockchain there.

Here is our amazing video :

Here is the link to our discord server :

If you want to follow our curation trail, you can do it here . Find ''dcooperation'' in ''Curation trail'' and follow us.

If you want to delegate any amount of power, you can do it here :

If you want to send any donation, you are welcome to do that, all the donations will be used to power up our account to upvote more dtube's videos.


Subscribe to my youtube channel here

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Great initiative!

I have been looking to use my @nathanmars delegation for upvotes to the community and finding other causes such as this to delegate to.

I don't have a lot but have delegated 25SP.

If @nathanmars is in and it is helping good steemians, I am in too.



Thanks a lot. Any support is welcome. I hope you will record more dtube videos in the future. ☺


You bet I will.

I am not the big star you are but like to support the #dtubesnap initiative and entertain my legions of followers with video!


I think this is the idea of dtube snap, you don't have to be a star to make a video. I've made also 70 interviews on dtube, mostly with simple users. The interview we are doing in @dcooperation are for everyone as well. We help people to have more confidence and @nathanmars is doing so as well. Just try to record a video and you will see how it's easy. I also was afraid the first time, but by time I've got more and more confidence. ☺

Well done brother.

@nathanmars really doing alot to engage people on dtube as nathanmars delegated some sp for me i used them to curate dtube community..

God Bless bro!


Nice to know that more people now are upvoting dtube's videos. ☺


yes...90% of my SP is from @nathanmars who supporting and keep engaging dtube. So i use my delegated SP to curate all dtuber's as i can!


Glad to hear that. ☺

@clixmoney, In my opinion The Ratio of Upvotes depending on Delegations (RUD) sounding effective and great to know that you are putting efforts towards @dcooperation and Curating more and more content. And i believe that with the good and kind Intentions @dcooperation Economy will expand and more and more people will find the support from your Initiative. It's just an start and we have to travel a long but in this travel we will going to expand the effective and Long Term Engagement.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like our system. I will do my best to be useful and provide more value to dtubers. ☺


Welcome and great to hear these words. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Thanks for update


That's it ? lol It took me one hour to write this post and to count everything lol. What do you think about dcooperation ? 😜

I have heard so much about Dcooperation and I see many of my Steemit friends on board
I can see why :)
To the moon and beyond :D


Yeah, in dcooperation we don't care about the earning but about to empowering our members, I hope I will see you on board. Thanks for the comment. ☺


I love the idea of empowerment
@nathanmars believe in you speak volumes
For initiation, I have to make a video of my journey on Steemit right?


Yeah, just make an introduction video if you don't have one. You are also welcome to join our discord server. The link is in the post.

@clixmoney, thank you for the update! You are doing all your best to add a lot of value to DTube! Congratulations! Keep on doing the great job!


Thanks my friend. Thanks for you support. I like the fact that you are always arround. ☺