DCooperation - Meet @hauptmann ☺ ► Dtube Collaboration #31 ◄

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In this video I interviewed @hauptmann , he is a very active dtuber and steem user.

He lives in the nice Spanish city Barcelona.

He also participated in a promotion by ''Canal +'' a famous French TV channel, so follow @hauptmann to learn more about him. ☺

You are welcome to join @dcooperation to make more mutual videos with our members.

Another thing we are doing is making a video with all of us saying what we think about @dtube in 3 words, so you can join our discord channel and find me there and send me the video. I will combine all the videos and we will make an awesome video, two weeks from now. The reward from the video will go to power up our account @dcooperation to upvote more dtube's videos. ☺

Thanks for watching.


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Welcome to the team @hauptmann, did you know that @eftnow is in Spain too?

Yes, @bobaphet I know Sam is enjoying the Spanish sun in the south. Haven't reached out to him yet. If I will go down to visit the Alhambra (approximately springtime) I will reach out and invite myself to him for a cold beer... hope u don't mind @eftnow ;-)

Yo Yo! I saw your post about a meetup in Barcelona - I am doodling with coming along some time.

Of course, it'd be great to meet you here too. we are about 40 mins from the Alhambra.

Whenever you can make it, let me know. Would be happy meeting you and being a good host. Alhambra is on our family bucket list, so in the near future be sure we will nock on your door ;-)

Thanks again @clixmoney for interviewing me and bringing me into the DCoorperation team! Have a great day, High5 from Barcelona

You are very welcome, I hope to see you more, take care. ☺

  ·  last year (edited)

@hauptmann likes the way you are and great doing you @clixmoney

You are welcome, I'm glad you like everything. ☺

@clixmoney, this is another great interview, as always! It is always pleasure to watch your #DCooperation videos! Thank you for the good job!

You are very welcome, glad you like it. ☺