Quality VS Relationships !

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I've been on steem blockchain more than 2 years and I always looked for ways to be successful here.

Some people say that we have to create quality, others use bid bots to be noticed by whales, others writing very big posts, some write a lot of comments.

But I think now that the relationships we build here are the most important part.

If we don't have good relationships with most people here, even if we create quality, even if we write a lot of comments, even if we write big posts and be always in the trending page, that will not make us successful for the long run.

We have to build those relations with people, to know them better, to meet them if it's possible, if not in real life, at least in conferences or just to find them in other social media and be in touch with them.

It's a social network after all. We never know what will happen in the future, but if we will be related with real people, that can be for life.

Also knowing that we have so many projects on steem and each project has a team of curators, so we never know who are those people and maybe those who we are in touch with are those curators, so we just have to be nice with everyone to be supported by them.

There is @curie who is supporting quality on steem, @ocd project created by @acidyo , @dtube team have curators and a lot of awesome projects on steem.

So, you always have the change to be rewarded well if you keep being good with steemians.

I hope this tip will help everyone to grow and improve.

Thanks for watching my video and reading my blog. ☺

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This is all good and all...

but what about frienemies? ^_^

haha, it's an interesting term. I prefer to live in peace. ☺

Sure, I think the same. Above all, if you have upvote to upvote friends, it isn't important whether your content has a high quality or not.

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Of course, we have to be thankful to them as well.