DCooperation - Meet @thecrytotrader ☺► Dtube Collaboration #28 ◄

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In this video, I interviewed @thecrytotrader , he is a very active steem user from India.

Follow him and watch the video to get to know his story, you can also check his account and you will see how many useful stuff he is sharing.

He gave very good tips as well for steemians to grow, the guy has a very good experience in our lovely platform.

Thanks for watching and welcome to our @dcooperation community. ☺


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This was really enjoyable to watch @cryptotrader @clixmoney, I just love how Steem bring together people who are continents away.
Keep it up. Also, @cryptotrader is really soft spoken , love it :D

I'm glad you like it. ☺

Nice to see you both here on D'tube
@clixmoney and @thecrytotrader

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You are very welcome, we all have always to support each other. ☺

Love to see the interview again,haha

Sharing our opinions and experience is one of the best thing that ee can do on these Dcorporation videos and i love the fact that you are bringing more people on Dtube with a lot of different different experience.

Nice to talk to you man,see you soon in a another Dcorporation video.

You are very welcome, you really listed a lot of good tips, especially the one about that we have to invest in steem not just to expect to earn a lot of money from it ! ☺

Thanks bro,

Well it's really important to have a trust on the platform in which you are working and putting your time because if we only thought about earning from Steemit without investing in it then it's not going to happen,so trust is important.

You are right !

@clixmoney, this is another very interesting interview. Thank you!

You are very welcome. ☺

Welcome to the team @thecrytotrader :)

Thanks a lot man.

Great interview @thecrytotrader and @clixmoney, I liked it :)

You are very welcome, everybody seems to like it. lol ☺ I am very happy about that. ☺

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
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Thanks a lot, I am really happy about that. ☺