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I knew @brandonfrye even before I joined @dtube more than 4 months ago. I found him on youtube because he is very active there promoting steem blockchain. Try to look for any information about steem on youtube and you will find a lot of his videos there. Here is his youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0HN017ID26eNBZ4orJjUxw

Here is his most watched video on youtube with more than 22 k views :

He is also a steem witness and he has a good ranking, so you can vote for him if you like what he is doing, here is the link to vote a witness in steem blockchain : https://steemit.com/~witnesses

He has also an upvoting bot, so if you like to promote your post, you can use it as well, it's also available in both : https://steembottracker.com/ and http://isteemd.com/ . He always does his best to make the bot most profitable for users.

He is also the founder of @minnowfund , it's a project to help minnows grow, so follow both : @brandonfrye and @minnowfund to keep up with the news.

His best tip is to find your primary niche and try to find out what your followers want from you.

You can also support our initiative by watching and commenting and liking our video on youtube to make them trending on youtube to promote @dtube and steem blockchain there.

Here is our amazing video :

Here is the link to our discord server : https://discord.me/dcooperation

If you want to follow our curation trail, you can do it here https://steemauto.com . Find ''dcooperation'' in ''Curation trail'' and follow us.

If you want to delegate any amount of power, you can do it here : https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html

If you want to send any donation, you are welcome to do that, all the donations will be used to power up our account to upvote more dtube's videos.


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Love @brandonfrye, great content, always trying to educate and strengthen steemit knowledge and empower steemians to success. He helped me, I learned about him by the video you included "Things not to do on steemit", at a time when I felt there was a lack of such material available.

Also his minnowfund project is a great idea, and while I delegated my SP, it was to that project.

Anyways, thanks for shining a spot light on @brandonfrye, and thank you Brandon for doing what you do, because I firmly believe you are a great example of how to behave so that we #GrowSteemit, and in so doing, grow our respective investments in Steem.

p.s. I just voted for @brandonfrye for witness. :D

Thank you @infidel1258 for all the kind words and support. I’ll keep doing everything in my power to bring awareness to Steem and protecting the future of this blockchain.

Thank you @clixmoney for the opportunity to sit down and chat. I had a great time meeting you and talking about my favorite topic - the Steem Blockchain! 😁

You are very welcome, the interview was amazing, especially I like your golden tips. ☺


@clixmoney, thank you for the interesting interview. The information was very useful. I learnt at least a little bit what a witness on Steem blockchain is.

You'r very welcome, I'm glad you'r learnig. ☺

great interview and conversation @clixmoney and @brandonfrye !!! lots of gems/tips... to glean! thanks for all you BOTH share!!!

You'r very welcome, I'm glad you find the interview useful. ☺


Hey I wanna create a bot who can create one for me. Or can you make a post explaining how to make one

I don't know how to do, ask @brandonfrye maybe he will tell you. Or just check https://steembottracker.com/ , maybe you will learn from there how to do it, check tools there. But I think you have to invest a bit in your power, the bot should give at least a good upvote.