A request from @utopian-io to simplify open source to non developers !

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I know about @utopian-io for more than one year, but the only things I did there is translating one post from English to Arabic and I created one suggestion as well.

I feel that the project is mostly for developers who master the open source code. I think it's a bit hard for others to contribute there, but maybe I'm not right.

So, after seeing @utopian-io creating Utopian Colony , I've read that post a few times and watched this video many times as well :

In the video it's clearly said that @utopian-io is for everyone, but when I went to their discord server, the moderator there told me that's not the case and that everyone is related only to those who know somehow open source. Maybe he's right and I'm wrong, but I'm just wandering how to contribute.

If @utopian-io is only for open source, so what can non developers do there ? I understand that we can create tutorials, but again, where to find open source projects to make tutorials about ? You say go to github.com , but how can make a tutorials about codes that I don't understand and if we take most dapps built on blockchain, tutorials about them are already created. Is that mean that I have to find a new project without existing tutorial about it ?
Let's suppose I'm a translators, so how we can choose what to translate ? I seems lost... .

What's the solution ?

I think it will be good for @utopian-io to simplify open source to non developers. To use a simple language to explain that. I think most of vloggers already know about @utopian-io , but how to contribute there only a few know.

If I'm wrong correct me !

Also, @oracle-d is asking for vloggers to promote ''Indiegogo Campaign'', but how can I promote something I don't understand ?

In that page it's written that :

Utopian Colony is the first crowdsourcing platform to connect open source projects and contributors from all digital professions.

But we have already @fundition and it's also a crowdsourcing platform platform. Do you mean that if the project is open source, so we can't create it on @fundition ?

Thanks to @elsiekjay for tagging me in the comments of that post. You motivated me to create a video and a post about a thing I wanted to create a long time ago, but I didn't know how.

I always wanted to contribute to @utopian-io. I visited a lot of times their website and joined their discord server, but was always confused about what I can do there knowing that they accept only contribution about open source... .

Maybe it's the time for me to learn about that, since it's seems so important. In the future I would like to create an application on steem blockchain and I have a lot of ideas about that.

Help me clear my confusion.

Thanks. ☺

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First of all open source just means public development, nothing fancy about it meaning not owned by a company or individual and anyone may copy or contribute freely to the code. Open source is only relative to the code.

As for how to participate I believe their post lays out some things to do with promotion and how it will reward you with votes.

As for how to contribute, way over my head! Biggest problem I am faced with as a simple user, how do I support my developers of onelove? Basically developers don’t do promotion very well or would rather not do it. So all I can really do is help promote, I would think the same for you.

Actually it’s the biggest problem with Steem all together, developers expect us average users to understand what they are doing and how to participate. I can’t even count how many times people have told me to go install something from github, my response every time is “I don’t know how to”. Each time I am told I’m not worth their time, so I just think “screw you too then!”

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Thanks a lot for your comment. Yeah, it seems that I will never understand what they exactly want from us. I just don't like to promote something I don't understand, especially if it's related with money. For that campaign they are gathering $35000 and that's a lot of money for me. It's something like crowdfounding platform for those who understand what's open source is. Most of my followers are not developers I think, so I don't think they will be interested to invest in such thing.

Glad to have been a motivation for you today Clix! 😁😁😁
The Campaign and the role of DTubers in it is actually clear to me, hit me up on discord incase you dont get the answers you're looking for!

Hopefully the @utopian-io team comes through with the help too.

Keep on Steeming😊


Cool, I will contact you. I hope they will write something here, I get tired to hear from them that the project is only for open source. I still think that there is no way for us to contribute there.

The truth is that it's difficult to contribute on what you don't under stand, so definitely like you said I leave that space to the developers and hoping for a DAPP that'll actually concur to my abilities as a writer, amazing video here really, thanks for bringing this to light


You'r very welcome, I really hope they will open the space for us as well. A lot of dtubers are ready to do something useful for the community and @utopian-io can really help us with that.

Am glad, at long last, someone spoke my heart. @Utopian-io should break the progammer/non-programmer dichotomy and I see a great revolution hovering around there. Thanks @Clixmoney for speaking out.


Yeah, I think a lot of people are waiting from them that. I hope more people will speak about it . You'r very welcome.

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Thanks a lot. ☺