Have a sportive spirit !

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In this video I explained what's sportive spirit and why we should have that.

I'm not sure about it's meaning in English, but it kind of accepting losses.

In sport, or in life, we lose sometimes and we have to accept that and just to keep going.

If everyone will have sportive spirit, we will have less wars in our awesome world.

The same about fans while watching players or team playing.

Why to not just accept the the palayer or the team didn't do well and they just should do better the next time.

I even related this to content creation, sometimes it's hard for us to be better than someone. In this case, we just should improve and to our best to be better.

Enjoy watching the video.

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Enjoy being a steemian. ☺

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Yeah, I believe you are right, sport was used by early Athens and Sparta to boost there life and get there youth engage.

Yeah, it maybe the most motivational thing in the world if we use it in the right way.