DCooperation - Meet @reseller☺ ► Dtube Collaboration #29 ◄

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In this video I inteviewed @reseller the moderator of official dtube server in discord.

He is the creator of the famous show ''Steemit Minute''.

He is the Social Media Director for https://steemmonsters.com , it's an amazing game built on steem blockchain, you can learn about that more here : @steemmonsters . You can join their discord server here : https://discord.gg/W4H2rXY . Steem Monsters Twitter https://twitter.com/SteemMonsters

He even has a youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGYlQ5_8eiIO72e54QA3KmA

You just have to follow @reseller , he provides so much value to @dtube community.

Watch the video to understand how a simple steem user became so popular. ☺


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proof of brain is great! Use your brain, use the (block)chain to make something, to create something.
Stay Steemed!

I liked that as well, we are very lucky having steem around, now our knowledges mean something. ☺

Good to see your video today, i love tge fact that @reseller watched our interview also,

He is a great person with a lot of knowledge about steem and dtube , i am definitely going to do a Collaboration with him in future to share knowledge with each other to help more steemians,

I totally enjoyed this whole interview bro,nice work.

You are very welcome, I am also happy that he watched our interview, we have to make more mutual video, it provides big value to the community. ☺

Ya for sure because sharing our knowledge with others is the best thing that we can do using Dtube and Steemit.


nice lol ☺


my friend name is @nathanmars your dtube video so beautiful and also follow with you and thanks for share with us

You are very welcome, followed back. ☺

thank you so much

Great interview :) and @reseller, I always wondered about your username, haha, now I know. Great job guys.

You are very welcome, I am glad that you know more about @reseller now. ☺

So @clixmoney is again with one D'tuber @reseller, amazing.
This series of interview with some best Steemitians. Thanks again.
And waiting for next interview of D'tube.

@clixmoney @reseller collaboration on D'tube...

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You are very welcome, I am glad you like the interviews. ☺

I am a fan of both of guys! :') Loved it!

Thanks, I am happy about that. ☺

Hi @clixmoney , good post man..


@clixmoney, this is one of the best videos (at least in my view). @reseller turned out to be a very interesting speaker. It was really very interesting to listen to him.

Thanks, yes he has a good experience speacking because he make the daily show for dtube, I am very glad to interview such interesting speaker.

I love this interview and good work you doing @clixmoney. When @reseller said people should try new things and sometimes it takes time for some works to be noticed. I already sent @reseller a request on discord. I will love to know about recording equipment. This video is a motivation for me.

Thanks, I am glad you like it, I use my smartphone to record videos Sony Xperia L2 and the webcam Logitech. You can watch the recent interview with @eftnow .

sure I will

Great interview very entertaining and hearing @reseller story is very motivating

Yeah, his story is the best example for all of us to never give up and keep improving. ☺