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Who will burn his CLEAN TOKEN for this @cleanplanet post ?

Who wants to help the first Eco-citizen Movement on STEEM ?

CleanPlanet is a global protocol where “the proof of Human” is used to protect the environment on a world scale

Are you concern ?

Do I think that pollution don't touch my life ?
Do I think that pollution don't touch my famille ?

Do you ask yourself ?


Each person on this Earth is touching by pollution.
Each person on this Earth could have a little act cleaning up our Planet... little act but with a really big impact.


Paris, New York City, Madrid, Bangkok, Marrakech... All aroung entre World we fing trash.

Burning travel, on the road to office, on the way to school... at sport... YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE ON modern environmental POLLUTION !

Just try it... you will like it at all !

I am @yann0975 ... and since may 2018 I invite all Steemians but not only ... on Facebook, Instagram, tweeter... to join @cleanplanet movement.... Because this Cause is important... Because these actions are honorable and can be rewarded now thanks YOU!

YOU WILL RECEIVE CLEAN TOKEN... you can hold it... you can burn it to get STEEM @cleanplanet upvote... you will soon get access to the @cleanplanet SHOP...
Oups ... I don't have to stay that now ...

Shhhhhhht ... you have not ear anything ok ?

I really beleive in you...
I really beleive in Humans...
I really beleive that one day a Whale will make this miracle that we can reward a lot each steemian and be attractive for others...

Well, @cleanplanet thanks you to be there.

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@portalvotes hat einen Vote gespendet. Weiter so!

I just out found this via @Pennsif brilliant thing to do. I do Keep Wales Tidy litterpicks here but will post on here next time

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Welcome with @cleanplanet cleaners !
We must engage ourselves, i believe in human power...
Each action is really a big one.
See you soon

Thanks @ cleanplanet and @ yann0975 for this wonderful work they are doing for the planet. It is necessary to participate in this from the heart.

Thanks for this feed back
Yes we must engage ourselves !
Do you want to be part ?
Do you know basics rules ?
See you @mirla33

What are the basic rules @cleanplanet?

If I want to be part of this beautiful work.

😃 relly easy !

When you follow this Rules :

  • Show on a photo report or a video your Eco-citizen act step by step cleaning up the Planet
  • Show or prove the Date of your action
  • Use a public Trashcan to put your collected wastes
  • Use cleanplanet tag

@cleanplanet verify your post and send you 100 CLEAN TOKEN

Tell it around you ... and we are waiting for your cleaning post ! 🌏🌎🌍

Thank you

This looks like a great initiative. Thank you for helping us all.